Transcribed by J B Francis

[added comment or fact in brackets]


In 1433, there was a Robert Smith and 12 children, headed by Thomas, William, Richard, George and on down to Medford Smith, and I do believe that was my grandfather, and John D. And Betty’s grandfather, William Medford Smith. [This John D & Betty are children of Shade and  William M Smith respectively]

In 1569, Richard Smith M.. Alice Bythell; Sons; William, Robert; James; John and Medford.

In 1664, Robert Smith Essex. M. Mary Peake (now here comes the family that will convince you and all of us): Sons: Robert, John, James, Granville and Hilliard and Daughters: Rebecca, Jane, Anna and Hester.  Note: My brother Hillard’s name was first spelled with an I but he changed it to leave off the I.

In 1634, Richard Smith of Abington M. Barbara Jawtherell and had Daughters: Mary, Martha, Elizabeth and Ann.  Sons: William, Thomas, Medford, Edward, Michael and Walter.  This Richard served as usher to Queen Elizabeth; William M. Mary, daughter of Thomas Parriott and had Daughters: Jane, Judith, and Nancy; Sons: Richard, Medford, Nicholas and John.

During the reign of Henry the VIII, a John Smith was sued by Thomas Wenland for fighting in church over religious theory

In Essex 1823, A Spencer Smith, son of Joshua Smith, a son of James, a son of Robert of Essex 1664, married Belinda Corebrooke or Holbroke.  Note: There is a Joshua Smith of Hazard, Ky, as you probably know.

Only one generation needed to connect our family with Richard Smith, born 1771.

I have no doubt, say the writer (John D. Smith) whatsoever that the above is our family and I am going to try every way I know to connect this generation ----but until I do, I know, without a doubt, that we can truthfully say it is part of our genealogy.


                                                                                        J. D. Smith


The first authentic history we have of our ancestors on the Smith side, is that of William Smith who lived and reared a large family near the East Coast of Virginia, when his son, RICHARD SMITH, came to Kentucky about 1789-92 and settled near what is now the Town of Hazard, Kentucky, in Perry County.  At this time, Nicholas Combs (called Danger) together with the eight brothers of the Combs’ came to Kentucky, and settled on a farm on the Kentucky immediately below the Town of Hazard at the mouth of Lott’s Creek.  RICHARD SMITH, our great-grandfather was born in 1771, probably on the East Coast of Virginia, and after coming to Kentucky around 1792, he married Aileen Combs, a daughter of “Danger” Nicholas Combs.  He died in 1835 and buried at the Old Smith Cemetery at Ary Post Office, Perry County, Kentucky on Lower Troublesome Creek at the Mouth of Pigeon Roost Creek.  RICHARD courted and married Aileen Combs on the date 1793, and they moved and settled on Lott’s Creek just above the line between Perry and what later came to be Knott County.   They lived there for many years and raised their fourteen children, the names of whom are set-out on separate sheets of paper here onto attached.  RICHARD was a primitive Baptist Minster for more than forty five years.

WILLIAM SMITH II (H) was born in 1775 and deceased in 1873 [Note: most likely born 1795 died 1875], he married Millie Combs, a sister to “Long” Jeremiah Combs, son of Soldier John Combs of the Revolutionary War.  They lived on a large farm on Carr Creek of the Kentucky River, and built a home on Irishman Creek at the mouth of the Flax Patch Creek.  He was a farmer and game hunter and trapper.  They had nine children, the names of whom are set out on other sheets of paper to which this sheet is attached.  WILLIAM is the writers’s great-grandfather.


Respectfully submitted to whom it might concern,


JOHN DILLON SMITH, in the Year of our Lord 1965

INDEX - To children of Richard Smith, born in 1771

A.  THOMAS SMITH (Richard, William) M a Clemmons and raised the following children on Quicksand Creek of Troublesome Creek.

(1) Richard Smith Jr. M. But no data.  Was a Doctor and lived on the Middle Fork of Quicksand Creek in Knott County, Kentucky.

(2) William Smith, M. Bettie Richie, a sister to Alexander Richie and a daughter of Crocket Richie, (Children) Oma M Jasper Campbell, (Children) Adam, Byrd and John.

(3) Lute Smith, deceased young.

(4) Aggie Smith, no data

(5) Matilda M. Roberts.

B.  SAMUEL SMITH, Married a Miss Jones of Troublesome Creek- he was a confederate soldier.

(1) William Smith, known as Capt. Bill, also a confederate soldier M. Nancy Grisby and had a son (1) George- no data.

(2) Daniel Smith Jr. M. A Combs, sister to Rev. Hite Combs, Clear Creek of Troublesome and later moved to Red River in Wolf County–too, a confederate soldier.

(3) Isaac Smith, never married.  Was a Lt. in Confederate Army and was killed during War in Breathitt County.

(4) Samuel Smith Jr.  1st M. Nancy Owens; 2nd M. A Singleton, lived on Clear Creek in Knott County and they had twenty children.  No further data.

(5) John Smith, single–also a Confederate soldier– was killed at Miller’s Creek with others at the close of the War.

(6) Newton Smith, M. Elizabeth Combs, a daughter of Alexander Combs, and once lived on Ogden Creek and raised his family and then moved to Oklahoma City and died there.  Children: (1) Polly Ann Smith-no further data (2) Hendricks Smith, M. Darcus Messer, daughter of Wash Messer.  (3) Rachel Smith- no data.  (4) Lewis Smith, M.  No data.  (5) Thornton Smith, M. had a family and last lived about four miles below Hindman, Ky.  (6) Margaret Smith, M. Balis Everidge and lived in Oklahoma.

(7) Minerva Smith M. Allison Kilgore and they had children, to wit:   Minerva and Allison had two children; Kilgore M. Jackson Smith, son of John Smith and Willie Combs; Samuel Kilgore, an attorney at law and a farmer, living at Hindman, Ky. M. Dora Polly, and had the following children: 1.  Roscoe Kilgore M. An Everidge, daughter of Thomas and Polly (Francis) Everidge.  They had seven children and grand-children living at Hindman.  (2) Joe Kilgore-died a young man.

(8) Sceattie Smith, M. Rev. Hite Combs, and lived on Troublesome below Hindman, and had a large family–no data.


(9) Emlilene Smith, M. McGager Grigsby of Lost Creek and had several children–no data.

(10) Arminda Smith, M. 1st John Smith; 2nd to John Jones; 3rd to Greenberry Stacy.

C.  NICHOLAS SMITH, married Artie Johnson, daughter of Thomas Johnson and Adelphia

(Carter) Johnson, and lived on headwaters of Ball’s Fork of Troublesome Creek, but later moved

to Carter County and died there.  He had a son, Simeon Smith and M. No data as to wife.  Sim

had a son (1) Andrew J. Smith and he had a son, (1) John Smith was married and he was a salesman, lived at Hazard, Ky.  He had a son John M Jr., a medical doctor and practiced in Memphis, Tenn.  This John had a son and his name was Richard—lived near Hindman, according to Mr. J.A. Smith, an Attorney at Hazard, Ky.

D.  JAMES SMITH, married Rhoda Owens, and moved to Lee County.  Children: (1) Francis(Franky) M. James Slone; (2) Louise Smith M. Samuel M Slone.  (3) Rebecca, never married.  (4) William Smith, M. Nancy Hounshell.  He was a confederate soldier, and while on a furlough, he was killed in Anse Smith’s home at the mouth of Ball Creek by Guerrillas.

E.  LORENZO DOW SMITH, Dow Anse b. 1816, M. Daughter of Jonathan Fugate and M. Francis (Franky) Stacy.  Children: (1) Zachariah Smith, died young.  (2) Polly Smith, M. Joseph Campbell.

F.  JOSHUA (J.A.) SMITH, SR. b. 10/24/1818 and deceased 8/11/1889, M. Amy Holiday, b. Feb. 12, 1830, deceased 7/1/1874. [Children] 1.  John Smith, M. Catherine Conway, and their children (1) Wayne, Amy, Lewis, Peggy, Andrew, Joshua, Alline, Eda, Eva, Prudence, also Irvine and Joan by a former marriage; 2. Richard Smith, M. Susan Roberts, children: Amy Smith; George; Ida; Elsie; Ezekiel; John; Jemima; Earl; and Ernest.  3.  Larkin Smith, M. Eliza Combs, parents of J. A. Smith, Attorney, Hazard, Kentucky for many years.  Has been County Judge: Circuit Judge and Commonwealth’s Attorney.  Was never married, but is now living the “Life of Riley” at the Hibbler Hotel in Hazard.  (1) Joshua (J.A.) Smith- never married as stated above.  (2) Alice Smith, M. Clayton Stacy and had son James Stacy.  (3) [is skipped].  (4) Thomas Smith,  M. Sarah Jones: Children: William, Jasper, and Pearl.  (5) Hiram Smith, M. Rhoda Holiday.  Children: Golda, Bertram, Sophia, Flora, Harold, and Martha.  (6) Killus Smith, M. Merdia Combs.  Children: Alice, Elaine, Lowell, Killus Jr., Jean, Thomas, Larkin, Donald, Doris and Dinah.  (7) Bertha Smith, M. Lewis W. Higgins.  Children: Ralph, Calvin C Higgins, Wilma and Edith.  (8) Kinnie Smith, M. Nell Maloney.  Children: Cleon Mahoney; Thomas M, Bill, Faye and Linda K.  (9) Peggy, died infant.


G.  ISAAC SMITH,  married Scntha Stacy, and died 1878, lived on Pigeonroost Creek of Troublesome and later moved to the Roaring Branch of Ball’s Fork.  Children: (1) Shade Smith, M. Daughter of Rev Taulbee Holiday and after her death, M. Polly Ann Combs(2) Catherine Smith, M. Gale Cambell, lived on Buckhorn Creek, Breathitt Co. (3) Eliza Smith, M. Gabe Hudson, their children— Steve Hudson who married Hattie Adams.  Had other children but no data. (4) Samuel Smith, (BowlSam), M. Dianah Combs.  Lived on Lower Troublesome in Perry Co.  Or maybe, Knott and had a large family, no data. (5) Rachel Smith, M. William Grigsby, a soldier, Union Army; Sheriff of Perry Co.  (6) Sally Smith, M. William Bolen.  (7) Polly Smith,

M. Merchant Fugate.  (8) Tolbert Smith, M. Rosabelle Hudson.  (9) James Smith, M. Betty Johnson and lived on Ball’s Fork of Troublesome.  (10) Felix Smith, M. Bill Johnson’s daughter. 

2nd M. To a Miss Collins.  (11) Elizabeth died in infancy.

H.  WILLIAM SMITH II (son of Richard) b. 1795 and died 1873, married Millie Combs, daughter of “Soldier John” of the Revolutionary War.  They lived on Irishman Creek of the North Fork of the Kentucky River [should read lived on Irishman Creek of Carr Fork].  He was a farmer and raised a large family (which is listed below).  He died and was buried on his farm.

I.  PATSY SMITH (Richard) M. Jack (C.J.) Campbell–Adam Campbell’s ancestors.

J. [Is skipped]

K.  KIZZIE SMITH (Richard) M. Thomas Richie, brother of Alexander, father of Jason Richie.

L.  NANCY SMITH, M. J.P. Martin; then George Combs.

M.  POLLY SMITH, M. Zachariah Fugate, daughter [son] of Mary M Alex Richie father of Jason Richie.

N.  CYNTHIA SMITH, M. John Stacy, brother to “Smoky” Bill.

O.  ELIZABETH SMITH, M.  Martin Fugate.

WILLIAM SMITH (H) above: Married Millie Combs and has the following children, to wit:

(1) William Smith, (Med) M. Martha Ashley, daughter of Jordan Ashley and Barbara (Secrest) Ashley, from North Carolina.

(2) Alexander Smith, M. Mary Ashley, twin sister to Martha Ashley, above. [Don’t think they were twins, census record do not support this]

(3) John Smith, M. Willie Combs, daughter of “Long Jerry” Combs and Nancy Smith.

(4) Thomas Smith, M. Lourana (Francis) Smith, daughter of Thomas and Lourana (Polly Higgins) Francis, widow of John P. Higgins who married her June 30th, 1818.

(5) Richard Smith, (Jr.) M. Polly Kelly, sister to George Wash Kelly who married Sarah Smith.[see below]

(6) Jeremiah (Jake) Smith, M. Elizabeth Stacy, daughter of James Stacy and Nancy Combs.

(7) Sarah Smith, M. George Wash Kelly, son of John Kelly.

(8) Matilda Smith, M. Jahu Cody.

(9) Melvina (Vina) Smith, M. (?) William Hawkins [see note #1 page 9]



WILLIAM (MED) SMITH, b. 1820, died 1891 at his home on Smiths Branch, Carr Creek, Ky.

M. Martha Ashley, daughter of Jordan Ashley, the noted Baptist Preacher and Barbara Ashley (Secrest) Ashley.  She died and is buried on a Hill at Campton, Wolf Co. Ky.


a.  Mary Ann Smith, b. 9/11/1850, and died in 1929 at the hand of a gun, she and her daughter

Nancy.  Or maybe, it was Millie a sister to Nancy that was killed, at the same time by a Draughn,

a brother to Rudy Draughn [fact. The murders were of Millie and Nancy by Nancy’s husband,

both girls were shot in the head by the side of the road in Letcher Co. See death certificates 7844 and 7845].   Mary Ann M. Madison Combs, brother of Jackson.  Children:

(1) William Riley Combs, b. 1875, M. Sarah Hale, daughter. of Thomas Hale and Matilda (Smith) Hale, daughter of Alexander Smith and Mary Ashley.  Children: 1) Madison, 2) Thomas, 3)Zella or Arzella, M. William Breeding, son of James Breeding and Vina Cody: children: 1. Cuba Breeding, b. 10/4/20, M. Oliver Dock Hylton. 2.  Cochel Breeding, b. 9/14/22 M. Rosalee Honshell.  3. Opal Breeding, b. 10/4/24 M. Alonzo Nichols.

(2)Millie Ann, b. 1877, M. Noah Jent, son of William Jent and Nancy Smith-Hawkins-Watts, a daughter of William and Millie Combs Smith.   Children: 1. Harlan Jent, 2. Louise and 3. Curtis.

(3) Jeremiah Combs, b. 1879, married his double 1st cousin, Mary Ann Smith, daughter of Hillard Sr and Armelda Combs Smith daughter of Jackson Combs mentioned above. No further data.

(4) John Harlan Combs, b. 6/10/1883, M. Eliza Moore, daughter of Ephram Moore and Susanna (Bryant) Moore who was born 8/23/1887.  Children: 1. Dudley Garner Combs, b. 7/20/05; died 8/16/28. M. Louise Combs, daughter of Andrew Combs and Maggie (Sturdivanat) Combs, then of Jackson, Ky.  Children: (1) Lillian Lee Combs b. 5.14/28, Jackson, Ky.  2. Larry Combs, b. 3/23/08 at Sassafras, Ky., Knott Co. M. Alma Combs, 11-10-10; died 9/5/28.  Children—Larry Combs Jr, b. 1928 and died 9/19/28.  Larry Combs second marriage was to Martha Mae Moore Combs, b. 3/10/16 and their children: (1) Carlos Combs, b. 3/26/34; (2) Maxine Combs born 11/19/35.   3.  Skipped.   4.  Zeola Combs M. A Rosner, b. 3/10/10.

(5) Martha Combs, b. 10/8/84 M. Elijah Jent, son of Elias Jent b. 3/22/76.  They were married 5/18/05 and lived in Letcher Co., and he deceased, 7/16/15.  He was a farmer and a coal miner.  Children: (1) Paulina born. 7/12/08 M. _______ Children: Beatrice D Smith born 4/13/26.  Children: Patricia M. Joseph Moore, b. 9/3/1900 and married 1/3/46.  (2) John Franklin Jent, born 12/5/10, M. 4/7/34 to Mabel Caudill, b. 5/8/16 in Letcher Co. Ky at Jeremiah.  Children: (1) George Edward Jent, M. Has two daughters–no data.  (2) Alice Paulina M. And has 1 girl and two boys–no data.  (3) Donald Watson, M. And has one son.  (4) James Luther M. Has one son and one daughter—no data.  (5) Nancy-Martha. [Numbers out of sequence here] (3) Lucinda Alice, born 4/7/12, M. On 6/15/40 to James A Skaggs, born 1/24/02.

Martha Combs (5 above) second marriage 10/17/52 to Charles Woodring, b. 10/23/79 from Rineyville, Ky. But therefore divorced..  She now lives on Route 1 in Rinsyville alone, and claims she is happy and getting along fine, going to church and getting dinners from different activities of Civic and Religious Organizations.


(6) Miss Nancy Combs, M. John Frank Jent, lived with him at Hazard for years.  He was a barber.  She divorced him and Married _?????Draughn, brother to Rudy and Jay Draughn that was slain at Hazard several years ago.  He killed her and her sister, Millie Ann near Whitesburg, Ky.  I believe that Nancy M. Riley Caudill, Her first cousin, a son of Watson Caudill and I believe Paula Ann (Combs) Caudill, sometime before she married Draughn, No children.

(7) Paulina Combs, M. William Stacy (children)

(8) Lucinda Alice Combs, M. A Blair (children)

(9) Jeremiah Combs, born 1879, M. His double first cousin, Mary Ann Smith, daughter of Hillard Sr. And Armelda Combs Smith, daughter of Jackson Combs, a brother to Jerry’s father, Madison Combs.

b.  HILLARD SMITH  (SON OF WM. SMITH (MED) married Armelda Combs daughter of Jackson Combs, brother to Madison Combs mentioned.  Children: 

(1) John Riley Smith, M. Nannie (Nancy) Breeding, daughter of Elisha, son of Spencer Breeding.  She was born 11/4/84 and died 7/22/26.  Children: (1) Garland Smith, M. Paulia Jent-no data. (2) Gratis Smith, M. Carlos Kelly-no data.  (3) Corbett Smith (Single) was killed by a Combs boy at Vicco by cutting with a knife.  My brother H. H. Smith aided the Commonwealth’s Attorney, J. A. Smith, in prosecution of the case at the trial.  He was convicted and sentenced to the Ky. Reformatory at Frankfort for a term of years.  (4) Bertha, (5) Elihu, (6) Erman, no further data.

(2) Bethany Smith, M. Benton Smith, son of Jordan Smith, son of Alexander [& Mary Ashley] Smith.  Children: Blain Smith, Dora, Gardner, Viv.

(3) Vinabelle Smith, M. Thomas Smith, son of Jordan, had several children, lived at Vicco, Perry Co. Ky.

(4) Mary Ann Smith, M. Jeremiah Combs, son of Madison Combs and Mary Ann Smith Combs.

(5) Leona Smith, 1st married James Hale, son of Thomas Hale and Matilda (Smith-Alexander) divorced–had children.  2nd M. To Green Fuller.  Afterwards M. Another time or two.  Now lives at Smithsboro, Ky on her Fathers Old Home Place near her brother, McKinley Smith.

(6) William McKinley Smith, M. Lucinda Calhoun.  He was a miner and farmer.  Had Children.

(7) Larceny Smith, M. Frank Smith, son of Jordan, also.  Had children.

(8) Elijah Smith, M.  Nancy Franklin, daughter of David Franklin and Mary (Jent-Franklin) Watts.

(9) Martha Smith, M.  Maryland Amburgey, son of “Greasy Bill” Amburgey and Mervena (Pratt) Amburgey.  Children:

(1) Isarel Amburgey, M. No data

(2) Pearlie Amburgey, M. Virgie Eversole.

(3) Nellie Amburgey, M. Alonzo Watts, brother of Ruby Watts, ex-sheriff of Knott Co.

(4) J. D. Amburgey, M. Cora Mullins

c.  LOURANA SMITH (DAUGHTER OF WM. SMITH (MED), M.  David Day son of William Day and Marinda Francis, daughter of Samuel Francis and Dicy (Hogg) Day.  Children:

(1) Lucinda Smith-Day, M. Willis Tolliver, A Primitive Baptist Preacher and lived and resided at Neon, Letcher Co - both now dead.  Children: (1) Eulah Tolliver, M. A Toth and lives in California.  (2) Hope Tolliver.  (3) Carl.  (4) Lois Tolliver, married a Hopkins.

(2) Mallie Smith-Day, M. Benton Newland, son of Bud and Jessie (Everidge) Newland.  They lived in Knott Co for many years and then moved to Texas.  They have the following children: (1) Rena Smith-Newland, married a Strong, divorced, and she lives in California.  She was a teacher for many years, having graduated at Lees College at Jackson.  Children: Wayne

Strong.  (2) Fred Newland, M. Frances Taylor, daughter of Hiram Taylor and Cinda (Francis) Taylor.  Have a son Thomas Newland.  (3) Virginia Newland, married–no further data.

(3) William Smith-Day, born in 1904, M. Herma ________; died Feb 2, 11953 of a heart attack at Brinkley Post Office.  Children: (1) William Jr.  (2) Benjamine.  (3) Crit.  (4) Cortez.  (5) James.  (6) Lawrence.  (7) Douglas.  (8) Willis.  (9) Elmer, who was in U.S. Army.  (10)

Jack.  (11) Janice Day, the only girl in the large family.  The widow survives and likely still lives at Brinkley.

(4) Shelly Smith-Day, M. A daughter of Thomas Hall.  Is a farmer in Woodford or Fayette Co.

(5) Carl Smith-Day, married a girl from Johnson Co.  He is a graduate in Agriculture, lives in Johnson Co.

d.  GRANVILLE C. SMITH (SON OF WM.  SMITH (MED), born in 1865 and first married Dicie Francis, daughter of Samuel Francis and Jane Kelly Francis, a farmer and a merchant.  Raised on Carr Creek in Knott County and later moved to Right hand of Trace Fork of Troublesome some three miles above Hindman, Ky.  Dicie deceased many years ago and Granville married Alice Smith, widow of William Amburgey son of (Tanner Bill) Amburgey after he deceased, and she was the daughter of Randell B. Smith.  Children:

(1) Wendell Smith–was single and was killed in an automobile accident between the Univ. Of Ky and Alabama with Hagan Smith, son of Hillard Hagan Smith, Crit Wallen and Hiram Stamper, son of Bettie-Smith Stamper.  The accident happened on Winchester Pike near Lexington. 

(2) Herbert C. Smith, single, graduate in High School and attended Mrs. Lloyd’s College at Pippapass, on Caney Creek.   He graduated and soon there after was killed in an automobile accident.  He had a brilliant mind and his future was bright.  The writer taught him in his first years of the grades in school. 

(3) Kermit Smith, M.  Okla Wallen, daughter of David Wallen.  He is a merchant and lives in Hindman.

(4) Orman Smith, married daughter of Charles Perkins near Hindman and live on the Right Fork of Troublesome Creek above Hindman.  He is a farmer and coal miner.

(5) Victor Smith, married H??tta Combs, daughter of Silas Combs.

(6) Robert Lee Smith, now deceased, M. Ennis Jones.  He was a farmer and his widow and children now live in Smithsboro [KellyTown].

e.  LUCINDA SMITH (DAUGHTER OF WM. SMITH (MED) born 8-18-74 died 2-9-1960, M. Sylvester Jent, son of William Jent and Nancy (Smith) Jent and born 11-17-1869.  A merchant and a farmer and lived on Carr Creek all his life, but now in a nursing home near the mouth of Jones Fork of Beaver Creek, Floyd Co. [Stumbo Nursing Home, we went there] He and his son George Denny single have recently been placed in that Home which is sponsored by the U. S. Government.  He seems in fairly good health for a man of his age.  I have known him from early boyhood when he married my Fathers sister and I can truthfully say that I have never seen him in a ugly frame of mind.  He has always lived a moral and religious life, belonging to the Old Primitive Baptist Carr Creek Church built in 1809 sometime before our ancestors came to Ky in the early 1820's.  I have never seen him lose his
temper in madness tho I was raised in the same community with him.  In my “book” he is the best all around man in every way that I ever knew.  And, as a prosecuting attorney for years and otherwise engaged in the practice of law in the Mountains of Kentucky, I have looked many a jury in the face studying him and seeking the right of facts being presented to them, that they might be able to arrive at a fair and just verdict.  His near 95 years of age, today, is positive evidence of his goodness and the reason our Lord has kept him on earth so long that he still be a living example to those that know him and those that might happen to come well acquainted with him.  Too, I might add that my father’s sister, Lucinda, joined Sylvester Jent in Holy Matrimony in my memory and when I was present to see and hear the admonitions to them by the presiding Elder.  The beautiful picture of the two while standing on the floor of the Old Log House, then my home and [later] Aunt Cinda’s I shall never forget — I mean the “picture in my mind’s eye” still remains, and I feel that I have been greatly benefitted by the associations of both of them, spiritually, morally and otherwise.  Children:

(1) Melvine Jent, born 2/11/1903 M. 3/10/20 to Frazier Adams who was born 1/28/94 son of Gideon Adams and Sarah (Blair Adams, Jeremiah, Letcher Co. Ky.  Is a farmer and live stock raiser near Route 1, Waynesburg, Lincoln Co. Kentucky.  Children: 1. Kermit Adams, born 1/22/21, served 20 years in U.S. Army and retired.  2.  Berly Adams, b. 3/8.23, had 8th grade education; served two and half years in U.S. Navy and was a survivor of the U.S. Penn, WWII.  3.  Lucinda Adams, b. 11/29/34 is single and lives in Waynesburg, Ky.  4.  Evyulee Adams, b. 3/20/27 M. Paul Lanigan.  Their children are Denny Lee, Shirley, Linville, David, Kimberly Jo, Linette, Melvina, Donald, Janie Lynn, Carolyn, and Leona.  5.  Dennis Adams, b. 3/20/29.  6.  Billie Jean Adams, b 7/23/31.  7.  Rudell Adams b. 8/26/33.  8.  Frazier Adams.  9.  Kenneth Adams, born 10/16/38.  10.  Ora Sue Adams lives in Covington, Ky.  Born 12/29/41, M. Homer Todd, son of Raymond Todd and Helen (Messer) Todd.  11.  Keith Adams, single b. 12/29/44, is now a Junior at the University of Kentucky, studying Agriculture—hoping some day to take over his fathers farm.  12.  Frazier Adams, Jr, b. 10/1/35, M. Dora Whalen daughter of Ca. Whalen and Lula Whalen.  Works in Dayton, Ohio.

(2) Ora Jent, b. 3/7/13 in Knott County on the Old William Smith Farm on Carr Creek at Smithsboro, Ky.  High School at Vicco, Perry Co., Ky.  Attended University of Cincinnati, Ohio, City College, Corpus Christi Texas and Business Psychology and Medical Secretarial School.  Married William John Moss who was born June 6, 1917.  Married at Angola,  Ind.  Mr. Moss is with National Lead of Ohio.  Lives at present at 1997 South Srauntion Dr.  Fairfield, Ohio.  No children, but they do have a dog, Thor, German Shepherd, two years of age.

(3) Martha Jane Jent, married Alamander Blair, son of ????  Alamander was a miner and is now retired.  He and Martha married about 1916 and live on Doty Creek, of Rockhouse, Letcher Co. Children: 1.  Irene Blair, M.  Woodrow Whitaker.  2.  Janey Blair now is at Berea College.  3.  Barbara Blair, M. Lawrence Back, Letcher Co and live in Louisville.  Has one daughter, Bonita Back age 4 in 1964

(4) Barbara Alice Jent married Robert Blair.  Children:

 1.  Martha Blair, married Tildon Caudill of Letcher county and moved to Indiana and deceased–then the family moved back to Kentucky on the Old Farm Place of William [Med] Smith on Carr Creek in Smithsboro where his widow lives.  Children: a)  Wilma Caudill, married, has a child.  No further data  b) Wava Caudill, single, works for John J. Amburgey at Smithsboro  c)  Jerry Caudill, in Army d)  Shelby Caudill M. And lives in Louisville  e) Barbara Alice  f) Curtis; and two other children, no data.

2..  Delbert Blair, born 1918, M.  Juanita Back of Jeremiah, Ky.  Have one child, no data.

3.  Damon Blair, born 1920, M.  Pensy Back.  They have four children and live in Milan, Ind.

4.  Sylvester Blair, born 1922.  He fought in World War II in the South Pacific.  Married a girl in Indiana from Lawrenceburg, they have one girl and one boy.  He died in 1959, his wife married again and lives in Lawrenceburg.

5.  Simeon Edgar Blair, born 1929 and died from a automobile wreck near Shelbyville, Ind in 1964.  Was married and had two boys.

6.  Ava Nell Blair, single, deceased 1935.

5.  William Thomas Jent, born 12/24/15, married Nathlen (Morrel) Jent, Waynesburg Ky.  Children: 1. Frances Lourane and Ora Louise Jent.  Live with their parents at Waynesburg.

6.  Arlan Jent, born on Carr Creek and married Lula Preatt, dau of Jim Pratt and Dulcena (Francis) Pratt.  They moved to the State of Utah and lived there for years and then moved to California where he deceased.

7.  George Denny Jent, single and is now in a Nursing Home sponsored by the Government.  Is with his father, Sylvester Jent.

f.  MELVINE SMITH (DAUGHTER OF WM. SMITH (MED), M.  George Francis, son of Samuel and Jane (Kelly) Francis.  He was a farmer in his early life—a school teacher in the public schools of Knott Co.  They raised their family on Carr Creek, Smithsboro and some of them still live there.  Children: 1.  Samuel Harrison Francis M. Minta Blair, dau of Elihu Blair and they live on Route 1, Milan, Ind.  They have several children and grandchildren—no further data.  2.  John Francis M. Alafair Smith, born 4/21/91—under list of William Smith, son of Thomas Smith and Rainy (Francis) Smith–number (2) of William Smith M. Matilda Amburgey.  Children listed there.  3.  Martha Jane Francis, M.  Simeon Blair, now live on Carr Creek and he is a farmer.  Children: Claude, Dortha, Opal, John, Georgia, Geraldine and Bobby.  4.  Granville C. Francis, single and died many years ago. 5.  Lucinda, died several years ago.  6.  Noah Francis, M. No data on children.  [fact. Noah, never married] He deceased several years back.

7.  Kelly Francis M. Ethel Breeding, dau of William (Pud) Breeding and Rachel (Amburgey) Breeding, dau of Francis Amburgey.  Children: Lois, Jane, Dixie, Paul, Pearl, William–no data.

g.  NANCY JANE SMITH (DAUGHTER OF WM. SMITH (MED), M.  John Amburgey, son of Wm. (Limpy Bill) Amburgey and Martha (Scalf) Amburgey.  Children: (a)  Mary Ann Amburgey M. George Robinett, Floyd County.  (b)  Barbara Amburgey, M. Jr. R. Mullins.  

( c ) Martha Amburgey married Shade Smith.  He deceased and she then married Emery Reedy.  (d) William Albert Amburgey, M.  Flossy Click —had a daughter.  (e) Hillard Amburgey, M. Lona Pridemore.  (f) George Amburgey, was killed years ago in car accident.  No further data.  (g) Lourana Amburgey, M. a Gillispy.  (h) Granville Amburgey.  (I) Millie Amburgey, no data.


h.  BARBARA SMITH (DAUGHTER OF WM. SMITH (MED), lived to be an old maid, then married Samuel Francis after the death of his wife Jane Kelly daughter of George Wash and Sarah (Smith) Kelly.  No data.

NOTES: Vina Smith Sr. Had an illegitimate son by William Hawkins.

(1) John Hawkins was killed at a moonshine still on Doty Creek of Rockhouse in Letcher Co. some eighty years or more ago.

(2) Nancy Smith— Thomas Watts is said to have been the father of the illegitimate child Nancy, the mother of Sylvester Jent.  His father was William Jent who married Nancy.  Sylvester Jent later married Lucinda Smith, a niece of Vina Smith. And their family is listed under the name: Lucinda Smith, dau of William Smith (Med) and Martha Ashley Smith.

Richard Combs (Dick) who M. Nancy Martin illegitimate daughter of Enoch Combs.

Martha Ann Smith (5) married Jackson Martin, dau of Nancy Kelly and Bill Martin, is hereby corrected to read that Martha Ann is the dau of Mary Ashley and William Martin her 2nd marriage, see Alexander Smith M. Mary Ashley.  Added to list of children: Hilliard Kelly Illegitimate–William Kelly (Bill) said to be father.  John Madden, Wid Madden, Jordan Combs, Enoch Combs.  End of Notes.

I.  JOHN ASHLEY SMITH, SON OF WILLIAM SMITH (MED), born in 1820 and Martha (Ashley) Smith born 1823 in North Carolina, the daughter of Jordan Ashley and Barbara (Secrest) Ashley.  John Ashley was b. 11-25-53 in then, Perry County, but now Knott County, on Carr Creek.  He a

was a small time farmer, a trader in live stock.  He was a licensed Private Investigator qualified May 7, 1890.  He worked for and with the sheriffs of Knott County, and with the U.S. Government Revenue men, in locating moonshine stills and the operators thereof and the violators of the illegal operators in the sale of liquors.  As a result, he was assassinated by the illegal boot legger whom he had detected and prosecuted and convicted in the Courts.  To seek his revenge, he shot and killed said Smith on the night of December 2nd, 1900 and while under cover of the darkness and while he was well protected by the “boot-leg house” from which the assassin fired the shot.  Mr. John Ashley Smith, M. Bettie Jane Smith b. 5-5-1856 and she remained a widow from the time of the death of her husband–never remarried.  She remained on the farm until a few years before her death on December 15th, 1935.  She belonged to the Missionary Baptist Church.  Children:


(1).  Hillard Hagan Smith b. 12-21-1875, M. Leodicy (Francis) Smith born 9-13-1882, on the 31st of December 1903 in the town of Hindman, Ky.  She was the dau of Hiram Francis and Sarah (Day) Francis.  Hillard Hagan received his basic education from the Public and Private schools of Knott County, and graduated from the Bowling Green College in 1898, and then attended Washington and Lee University in Lexington, Virginia in 1902, Law School, and soon entered upon the practice of law at Hindman, Ky with his cousin Ballard Fulton Combs, who had graduated from Ky Wesley College at Winchester, Ky, but now located at Owensboro, Ky, the firms name was Smith and Combs.  They soon built a large practice for the Coal Companies, mainly.  Smith, however, would practice original law on the side.  In his College days he was quite an athlete, and usually won the main honors on “field days” in contest between colleges and universities.  He deceased on the 26th day of November 1951 in a hospital in Jacksonville, Florida.  His widow still lives in Deland, Fla and have two of her daughters with her.  Hillard Hagan owned several thousand acres of coal and gas lands in Knott Co and majority stock in the Hindman Bank at Hindman and the First National Bank of Jackson, in Breathitt Co.  He was a State Senator and Commissioner of Banking during the tenure of Governor Simeon Willis Office  in 1943-1947.  Then due to his state of health he went to the state of Florida at Deland, and died as stated above in a Jacksonville Hospital from the disease of Emphysema and other complications.  It seems to be a family disease, since the writer, John D. Smith, has had the disease for many years, and now is the last “stage” with much suffering, and under daily Medical-oxygen treatments in order to try and stay alive a while longer.  Children:  

1.  Hillard Hagan Smith, Jr. Born 12-27-1905, deceased 10-30-30.  He received his basic education at Hindman, Settlement School.  Attended the Washington and Lee University and Univ. Of  Ky.  On the evening of Oct 30, 1930 on his way to Lexington from his home to attend a football game with a bunch of his cousins and friends with him in a car, a certain man came out of a side road in front of his car while he had the right-of-way, and caused a terrible wreck–three of them were killed, while one escaped with one eye knocked out, and he still lives at Hindman, Ky, manager and cashier of the Bank of Hindman–Bill Smith.  Hagan Smith had fine personality and very likeable boy. His was a very tragic death and mourned by all who knew him.

2.  Leo Dale Smith, born 4-19-1908 at Hindman, Ky.  Married Leonard Miller, born 11-20-1907, they married 9-1-34 at Hindman.  Dale received her basic education in the schools at Hindman, Ky and graduated from the University of Ky and further procured her Masters Degree at the Stetson University.  She has been a teacher at that University for several years.  Leonard Miller attended the University of Ky and studied at the State College at Morehead when he was made head of the physical education and head basket ball coach and in addition taught different college subjects.  Dale and Leonard Miller has only one son –named Michael Miller, born 12-27-41.  He graduated from Morehead College and is now in the Air Corps–making it his career.

3.  Lois Gay Smith, b. 9/7/10, married Maurice Lester Albin, born 6/28/10 on 12/13/36.  Lois received her basic education at Hindman and business education at Lexington, Ky.  They live in Louisville, Ky.  Have two children; Maurice Hagan Albin born 12/27/39, single and lives with his family.   Laura Len Alvin born 1/9/48 and lives at home.

4.  Miriam Smith,  married John Allen Kinchelo, Hardinsburg, Ky son of D. John Allen.  John Allen Jr was also a Doctor and practiced in Hardinsburg up until his death some years ago.  Miriam, his widow, still lives there.  Children: John Allen III born in 1941 is now a senior in college;  Leo Dale born in 1945 And Margaret born in 1948.

5.  Andre Smith,  born in Hindman, married J. R. Dennan.  She is a graduate of the Univ. Of Kentucky and teaches school at Stetson University.  Children: Sarah and Mary Dennan–no data.

6.  Carol Hope Smith, b. 11/16/16 married James C. Codell, Jr.  Mr.  James Codell is engaged in construction business.  They live in Clark Co near Winchester.  Carol graduated from Berea College in 1938.  Children: Jimmy Codell Jr.; John Hagan Codell; David and Alice Codell.

7.  Sarah Elizabeth Smith, married a Handyside of Oberlin, Ohio and had two children–last information I had–no further data as he fails to answer my letters.


8.  John Phil Smith, born 8/13/24, married Barbara Ann Hogge in 1946.  She was born 7/4/26 and deceased 1/1/65–suffocated from smoke from a fire in her bed room.  She was at home.  She was the daughter of Lester Hogge and wife.  Children: Hill (Hillard) Hagan; Lester Jr.; and Leonard Wayne Smith.

 (2) Martha Smith (Daughter of John Ashley and Betty Jane) born 4/16/1878 and deceased at Jeff, Ky at the home of her daughter, Matilda Blair.  She married John M. Smith, son of “Blinky Bill” Smith, son of John Smith, son of William Smith who married Millie Combs.  Her husband was a school teacher and a farmer.  He died several years before Martha.  They live on Lotts Creek in Knott Co where they raised most of their twelve children before his death.  Children: 1.  Betty Jane Smith b. 11/12/1896 married Ishmael Mullins, Carr Creek.  Children: Agness, Vivian, Merine, Ishmael, Ken and John M.  2.  Matilda Smith born 2/4/04, 1st married Estill Smith, divorced.  She had (1) Pearl Combs and (2) Ruth Combs.  2nd marriage James Dyer–had Mable, Betty Lou and Mattie Fay.  The father, James died by an accident in the coal mines.  3rd marriage was Elmer Blair of Morgan Co and they lived at Jeff.  Had Martha and Higgins.  3.  Allie Smith married James Williams and live at Dwarf.  Children: Laura, Raymond, Alphia, Earl, Janice and James Williams, Jr.  4.  Lula Smith married J.M. Pennington, Leslie Co.  Children: Martha and John Penningston.  Lula divorced James and married Leo Lewis, Leslie Co; had Hillard, Bettie, Lewis Jr, Ora and Helen.  5.  Gladys Smith, married a Beckham Cox of Perry Co.  Children: Marvin Cox, Joyce, Verol, Merl, Andre and Bobby Cox.  6.  Edith Smith married Pole Napier, Hazard, Ky.  Children: Pole Jr, Martha, Ena, Mary, Lena, Wilmer Ray, Dale, Ottie, Marie, Wallace, Elsie, and Eugene.   7.  John D. Smith, Jr married Virginia Robinson.  Children: Eula May, Bonnie Jean, Hillard, Martha Lou, Ruth, Doris and Hagan Smith and all lived on Litt Creek.  8.  Higgins Smith married Rose Browning, they live around Cincinnati, Ohio, Children:  Adopted Son, Tommy Smith.  9.  James Estill Smith married Aileen Bowlen, widow of Jim Ferrel.

(3) Barbara Alice Smith (Daughter of John Ashley and Betty Jane) b. 7/22/1880, married James Maggard, son of Billie and Amanda (Coburn) Maggard.  James was born in 1879.  He was a farmer and school teacher and he and Barbara Alice [Allie] were members of the Old Primitive Baptist Church on Carr Creek which was founded in 1809, and until recent years, it was the only Church of its kind in the County, and even with the sparse members of people in the county and near by counties, there were often more that 500 in attendance and all the preachers were held in high esteem and particularly, George Higgins, son of Old Simon Higgins, the writer’s Grandmother, Jennie Amburgey Higgins’ slave—no not a slave but her caretaker and employee on the farm during the Civil War.  All of us were very fond of Simeon and his family who lived form many years after the War on Rowdy Creek of Carr Creek in the neighborhood of the Stacy family.  George Higgins carrying the family name of my grandfather, John Vent Higgins, and his father did, [George] was sought after and called to preach in all white churches of his denomination.  Shortly before one of my last trips to the Ky Mountains to visit with my two sisters, I had expressed the hope that I would like to hear George preach one more time before he passed away as I heard that he was ill.  When I arrived, I sadly learned he only died a few days before.  Barbara and James had the following children:


 (1)  Franklin Hugo Maggard, b. 4/4/06; 1st married Elsie Baldwin and lives in Dayton, Ohio until her death.  Children: Victor Hugo, Norman, James Gregory, Olive Jean were his children.  2nd child of Franklin Hugo was Gary Hugo who has six children.  The father Franklin Hugo has deceased in 1963 with cancer. 

(2)  Carey Carson Maggard born 10/10/07 never married; a graduate from high school and deceased in 1941 at age of 33. 

(3)  William Leonce Maggard born 2-5-09, married Zelma Pratt 9-12-33, dau of Jasper Pratt.  Children: Norma Lee b. 8-17-34, Ralph Maggard, b. 2-27-36; Harold Leonce b. 6-6-37; Kenneth b. 7-23-44; Carey Carson, Jr born in 1947; Mitchell, Leslie and Lydia. 

(4)  Agnes Maggard, born 11-26-10 married Earl Grover 9-11-30.  He holds a position with the U. S. Government and lives in West Alexandria, [Ohio].  Children: Alice Mable Grover, 6-25-31; Marion Joyce born 1-29-32; Don Grover b. 10-8-34; Sanford Earl b. 8-25-36; Janette b. 4-8-39 and Olive D. born 3-3-41 and Arlie born 4-11-46.

(5) Olive Grethel Maggard, born 11-12-12 married W. C. Whippo and divorced in 1932.  No children and then married Giles French Childers in 1933.  A farmer and they have an adopted son, James Thomas Childers and Judy Nelson–then have a son of their won–James Gregory.

(6) John H. Maggard, b 3-22-15, married Beulah Davidson 12-4-38.  He lives in West Alexandria, Ohio.  Children: Sanders, Barbara June, John Elden, Judith Ann, Myrne Louise, Dona Sue, Dianna Lynn and Rebecca Irene.

(7) Doris Lorrine Maggard, born 12-21-17 married [Elmond] LeRoy Shoemaker, July 1940, Children: Barbara Lee Shoemaker b. 9-27-44, and divorced him in 1951–then married Leon Kile Kiley–their children; Teressa Lorraine Kiley; Patricia and Olive Annette Kiley.

(8) Darwin Tilson Maggard born 1-18-20 and deceased 4-30-49, an invalid.

(9) Martha Lurie Maggard, b. 4-16-22 married Harold Human in 1941.  Children: Betty Jane, Doris Lane, Brenda, Edward, Less Jana.  In 1954, Martha and Harold was divorced and on 12-23-54 she married Harold I Shelby and have two children; Pamela and Thomas Shelby.

(10) Ronald Argus Maggard, b. 2-22-27 married Sharlene Bentley of Knott Co in 1945.  Children: Linda Louise, Sherman, Curtis, Deborah, Janis Denis, Olive Lorraine, Ehonda Lynn, Douglas Leo and Geoffrey Maggard.

Note: Barbara Alice Smith deceased 4-8-1960 and James Maggard deceased 11-28-1958.


(4) John D. Smith (Son of John Ashley and Betty Jane), born 9-28-1882, on the waters of Carr Creek of the North Fork of the Ky River and received his basic education in the rural school districts of Knott Co.  Taught or kept school for three years in Knott Co and attended the Hindman Settlement School at Hindman, and Professor Clarke’s Norman School at Hindman and at Campton, Wolfe, Co.  He entered the University of Kentucky at Lexington and attended the Arts College for a period of two years from January 1903 and then entered Law School at the University in the fall of 1905 and graduated with a degree in law on June the 12th, 1907.  He took the bar examination in June 1907 and together with the Hon. Church Ford and others of his class, was duly and legally authorized to engage in the practice of law, degree of LL-B.  He chose to practice in his home town at Hindman, Ky, and opened an office in 1907.  He did the general practice at Hindman until the 1st of January, 1916, having been elected to the Office of Commonwealth’s Attorney for the 31st Judicial District of Kentucky for a period of six years.  He moved to Prestonsburg, Ky and formed a partnership with attorney B. F. Combs and A. B. Combs in the Civil Law Practice until the fall of 1921 at which time he moved to Louisville, Ky.  Soon thereafter, was appointed as an attorney to the Prohibition Administrator in the Internal Revenue Department of the United States Treasury.  After serving the U. S. Government for 21 years, he retired on the 1st of November, 1947, and has been living the “life of Riley” at his home, 1915 St5rathmoor Blvd.  Louisville 5, Ky.   On the 12th day of May, 1909 he married Sarah M. Tignor, daughter of Patrick Tignor and Margaret (Newland) Tignor and had the following children:

(1) Alma Cathrine Smith, married Neel H. Howard of Louisville, and moved to Evansville, Ind where Neel was employed with the Greasey Wholesale Co.  He held the position of manager of stores in Evansville and in Huntington, W. Va for several years.  He resigned his position and accepted the managership of a firm in Chicago, Ill and has been transferred to New Orleans, La.  He and Alma have one son----Neel Harrel Howard, Jr.  He took his basic education at Oulver Military School and now a senior in New Orleans College.

(2) Joyce Marie Smith born 12-15-12 at Hindman, Ky and received her basic education at Hindman and Prestonsburg.  Also went to High School in Louisville and graduated from the University of Louisville in 1934.  She married Dr. Harold Childress in North Carolina in 1941, near where he was stationed as a physician in the U. S. Army.  He served in the Army until 1945, doing operations service on the wounded during D-Day on the shore of the Sea and did an operation which was on the first wounded brought back from the France shore during the start of battle.  No Children.

(3) John V. Smith, b. 2-12-16, at Hindman, Ky and received his elementary education and High School in Louisville.  Attended the University of Louisville and the Jefferson School of Law.  In 1933, he accepted a position with the Crasy Co. and was sent to Huntington, W. Va.  He is still with that company and lives in Evansville, Ind.  While at Huntington, he married Frances Goosemen of that City, and they now live at 1410 Fuquay Dr.  Evansville, Ind.  No Children.

(4) Ethel M. Smith, born 10-9-20, received her basic educations in the elementary schools and high school in Louisville, and graduated at the University of Louisville.  Soon thereafter, married Ernest Charles Hardin, now a General connected with the Hon. Defense Secretary MacNamara headed by President Kennedy.   Ethel and Ernest (E. C. Or Moose) he is called by his friends have five children.  Ethel and E. C. Married 3-22-47.  Children: (1) Melinda McKernana Hardin, born 5-29-48 in 1st year of high school in Alexandra, Va.  (2) Ernest Charles Hardin III, born 4-28-51 – makes good grades in school and a carbon copy of his Dad.  (3) Shelly Wood Hardin, born 1-30-53.  She makes all A’s and we predict she will go places and do things, so to speak.  (4) Sally Blain Hardin born 7-5-57, she , like her mother, will surely be a beauty to look upon when she reaches her teens and womanhood.  (5) John Bruce Hardin, born 4-24-60.  He is my name sake and  quite a rambler.

(5) Margaret Jane Smith, born 10-9-29 on the same birthday as her sister Ethel.  She got her basic education in the City Schools of Louisville and attended the University of Kentucky for a term or two and decided to get married.  She married Richard Lee Martin of this city, son of R. L. And Florence Martin.  Richard graduated in High Schools of Louisville and attended the University and has a position as Manager of the National Surety Company of Louisville.  They have two children: 1.  Laura Lee Martin, born 2-23-50, in high school, an excellent student.  2.  Richard Lee Martin, Jr born 6-5-54 and is doing well in school—makes good grades tho he is somewhat handicapped by having a very bad case of asthma.

(B) CHILDREN OF ALEXANDER SMITH, SR AND FAMILIES, (SON OF WILLIAM AND MILLIE) married Mary Ashley daughter of Jordan Ashley and Barbara (Secrest) Ashley.  Children:

(1) Jordan Smith, married Mary Combs, daughter of Wesley Combs, Letcher County, and sister to “Black Shade” Combs of the Rockhouse Section of Letcher and Hindman, Ky.  Children:

1.  Benton Smith, married Bethany Smith, dau of Hillard Smith, Sr.

2.  Thomas Smith, married Vinabelle Smith, his second cousin, dau of Hillard also.

3.  Frank Smith married Larceny Smith, dau of Hillard, also.

4.  Matilda Smith, married John Mullins, son of Newton Mullins on Irishman Creek.  Children: Breck Mullins. –no further data.

5.  Surrilda Smith, — no further data.

6.  Barbara Smith married Robert Combs, son of Jackson Combs, by Lucy Combs, his second marriage.

7.  Mary Smith, married John Francis, son of George Francis and Melvine [Smith] Francis. [This is 3rd marriage for John Francis, 1st wife Allie Smith, 2nd wife Ida Pratt]

8.  Alexander, Jr. — no data [AKA Alec].

(2) Thomas Smith, was killed by his brother in a scuffle over a gun.

(3) Shepherd Smith married Marinda Francis, dau of Samuel and Jane (Kelly) Francis.  Children:  1.  Mary Jane  2.  Monroe  3.  Juanita   4.  Boyd and others; Shepherd and family moved to Laurel County many years ago. 

(4) Matilda Smith married Thomas Hale of Little Carr Creek or Burgey’s Creek; Children:

1.  James Hale married Leona Smith dau of Hillard Smith, Sr.  No further data as to children.  Matilda married a second time to Kelly Franklin– no children.

2.  Alexander Hale, married a daughter of Grant Honeycut’s on Carr Creek of Knott Co.

3.  Sarah Hale, married Riley Combs, son of Madison Combs and Mary Ann (Smith) Combs.  Children: 1. Martha 2. Tilda 3. Madison 4. Carl 5. Thomas 6. Arzella.  Arzella married William Breeding, son of James, son of Elisha.  Children

a.  Cuba Breeding, born 10-4-20, married Oliver (Dock) Hylton

b.  Cochel Breeding, born 9-14-22, married Rosalee Honshell.

c.  Opal Breeding, born 10-4-24, married Alonzo Nickels.

4.  Jennie Hale, married a Hall—no further data.

(5) Martha Ann Smith married Jackson Martin, son of Nancy Kelly and Bill Martin.  Children: 1. Marybelle–no further data.  2.  Sarah Martin, married a Dixon —no further data.  3.  Alexander Jr. married Malinda Combs, dau of Will Combs who lived near the mouth of Carr Creek and a brother to Dave Combs and Cooly Combs.   

(6) Hillard Smith (Squire) married Millie Smith, his first cousin, daughter of William Smith (Med) and Martha (Ashley) Smith: Children: Maggie, Granville Pearl, William, Barbara, John, Alexander, Jess and Alexander Jr.[Alexander Jr must be duplicate of Alexander]



(1) Jess Martin, married Sarah Francis, dau of Samuel Francis and Jane (Kelly).

(2) Frank Martin, married Flora Smith, dau of Shade and Polina (Combs) Smith [Flora’s father was John Combs, Polina’s previous marriage]

(3) Nancy Martin, married Dixon Combs, son of Enoch Combs.

( C ) RICHARD SMITH (SON OF WILLIAM, SON OF RICHARD) Married Polly Kelly, sister to George Wash Kelly, that married Sarah Smith.  Richard was killed by his own men by mistake during the War between the States.  Children: 

1.  Thomas Smith, married _________? And has children: Johnny Smith—no data. [AKA, Bad Tom Smith]

2.  William Smith, married _________?  Children: Joseph; and Desia.

3.  Millie Smith, —was never married.

4.  Dulcena Smith married Red John Combs—no further data.

(D) MATILDA SMITH, (DAUGHTER OF WILLIAM, SON OF RICHARD) 1st married Jahu Cody. [Children]

(1) William Penn Cody [Son of Matilda Smith], married Matilda Breeding, daughter of Elicha Breeding: Children:

(1)   John Cody, married Allie Madden born 2-27-1882 on Irishman Creek, dau of John P. Madden and Isabelle (Stamper) Madden.  John is deceased.  Children:

1.  Mallie Cody, b. 11-7-1900, married L. C. Turner, live at Frankfort.

2.  Berta Cody, b. 9-8-1902, single and lives with her mother.

3.  Maxine, b. 12-28-1904, deceased in 1925.

4.  Gloa, b. 8-5-1907, deceased 1-12-1908

5.  Gail, b. 5-4-1909, deceased 8-15-1915

6.  Amy Fay, born 8-17-1911, married Bob Turpin–they have two children.

7.  Glen Cody, born 7-3-1914 married and lives in Manchester, Ky, two children.

8.  James Maurice,  b. 12-11-1912, married and lives on Irishman–two children.

9.  John K. Cody, born 12-7-1920, married lives in Hazard, three children.

10.  Leyburn Belle, born 2-9-1922, single and lives and works in Hazard, Ky.

(2)  Tina [Clementine] Cody, married John Back, and lived on Breedings Creek at Redfox Post Office. [Children:]

1.  Crit Back, married Bessie Smith, dau of Matilda and Will Smith. See Will Smith and Matilda Amburgey, List under heading Thomas or Tom Smith, son of William Smith.  2. Carl 3. Burl 4. Bill 5. Curry 6. Della 7. Ada

(3) Nancy or Nannie Cody, married Jim Whitaker of Letcher County and divorced.


(4) Lucinda Cody, married John Madden, son of Wid Madden and Martha Ann Smith, dau of Alexander Smith, son of William and Millie (Combs) Smith.

(5) Melda Cody, married Bid Madden, son of Jackson Madden and Elizabeth Everidge Madden—No children.

NOTE: William Penn Cody (1) Above married a 2nd time to Elizabeth Combs, dau of Enoch Combs and Nancy (Stacy): Children:

(1) Enoch Cody, married Cora Hylton, dau of C. C. Hylton–no further data.

(2) Mary Cody, married Thomas Smith, son of Will and Matilda (Amburgey) Smith.  See list of Thomas Smith, M. Lourana (Francis) Smith, dau of Thomas Francis and Lourana (Polly-Higgins) Francis.  Old Thomas Francis, a full blooded Frenchman, after his wife, Jane Hammond died, and after Lourana Polly-Higgins’ husband, John P. Higgins died— she and Old Thomas Francis married.  Old John P. Higgins and Lourana Polly was married 10-30-1818.  They had a son John Vent Higgins and who married the writers Grandmother, Jennie [Jane] Amburgey Higgins------John Vent being my Mothers father and my grand father.  Old Thomas Francis and Lourana Polly-Higgins (Francis) had four daughters by their marriage-----and Lourana Polly-Higgins----Francis was one who married Old Thomas Smith, son of William and Millie Combs Smith—stated herein::::::

(2) Melvina or Vina Cody [Daughter of Matilda Smith & Jehu Cody], born 1-12-1852, married James Breeding, son of (Elisha, James) Breeding, born 9-26-1849 and died 11-27-1916.  They reared a large family on Breedings Creek of Carr and were buried there.  When Vina died, he married Harriet Brown, but no children.  Children by James Breeding:

1.  Lucinda Breeding, 3-9-1877, married Cullen Francis, son of Samuel and Jane (Kelly) Francis, b. 10-12-1877 and died 1-24-1937.  Reared their children on Carr and Breedings Creeks.

2.  Polly Breeding, b. 3-20-1879, died 3-1935, M. Clint Adams.

3.  William Breeding, b. 1-1-1881; died 10-25-1931.  1st M. Bettie Combs, divorced, and 2nd marriage to Arzella Combs, dau of Riley Combs and Sarah Hale Combs.

4.  John D. Breeding, b. 10-18-1883 and died 9-2-1936.  He was a farmer and livestock dealer, and cattle raiser and shipper.  He married Martha Ison of Letcher County, dau of James Polly and Victoria (Cornett) Polly; she was b. 1-22-1887.  They raided their family on Garner Creek of Rockhouse Creek.  He died of an appendix operation.

5.  Nannie [Nancy] Breeding, b. 11-4-1884; died 7-22-1926; she married John Riley Smith, son of Hillard Smith and Armelda (Combs) Smith, dau of Jackson Combs.  They raided their family on Lower Smith Branch of Carr Creek, and later moved to Vicco in Perry County.

6.  Clementina Breeding, b. 12-14-1886, married William Madden, son of Arch Madden and Sylvania (Everidge) Madden, and was b. 11-17-1880.  He is a Spanish American War Veteran.  They married in Covington, Kentucky and raised their family on Carr Creek and Breedings Creek in Knott County.

7.  Elihu Breeding, b. 12-10-1893; died 11-29-1947; married Florence Hale, b. 7-2-1905, daughter of William Hale and Belle (Mullins) Hale.  They reared their family on Breedings Creek, Knott County, Kentucky.

8.  Allie Breeding, b. 6-5-1889, living in Detroit, Michigan, married Robert Lee Parks, born 6-5-1890.  They lived awhile on Breedings Creek.

9.  Bertha Breeding, b. 9-12-1896, living in Louisville, Kentucky, married Linville Combs, son of Steve and Martha (Adams) Combs.  They raided their family at Whitesburg, Kentucky and moved to 1122 South Brook Street here in Louisville.  Note.  Each of the above brothers and sisters had many children too many to mention much less to type on paper by a very bad typist—like me.

10.  Bettie Breeding, b. 12-27-1874, married John Smith, b. 1-8-1871, son of Jeremiah (Jake) Smith, son of William Smith and Millie Combs Smith: See HISTORY OF JEREMIAH SMITH for Bettie’s family.

(3) Clementina Cody [Daughter of Matilda Smith], Married John W. Combs, son of William L Combs and Margaret (Peggy) Kelly Combs, sister to George Wash Kelly who married Sarah Smith herein mentioned in these manuscripts, of this genealogy.  Children:

1.  Ballard Fulton Combs, a graduate of Kentucky Wesley College, then at Winchester, Kentucky, but now of Owensboro, Kentucky with an B.A. Degree and at Washington Lee University with a LL.B. Degree, about 1903.  He, soon thereafter formed a law partnership with my brother, H. H. Smith, who, also graduated at said school and was practicing in the town of Hindman, and that partnership continued from that time until the death of Mr Combs.  Children:

(1) Dr Fletcher Combs, a graduate of Medical University in Cincinnati, Ohio and practices medicine in Lexington, Kentucky.

(2) LeRoy Combs, he and Fletcher both, graduated at K.M.I. College of Kentucky, and LeRoy graduated at the University of Kentucky with a Law Degree, and practiced law in Prestonsburg, but for several years has been a lawyer for the United States, Internal Revenue Dept in Dallas, Texas.

(3) Monroe Combs, a Policeman for years at Hindman, Kentucky and now resides near Lackey, Floyd County, with his daughter, Fay who married Lula Slone.  Children:

1.  Fay who married Lula Slone

2.  John Combs, A Public Accountant and practiced his profession for a while at Whitesburg, Kentucky and now in Lexington, Ky.

(4) Allie Combs, b. in Hindman and lived there until she married.  She was a Post Mistress for years, but went West with her husband after their marriage and now live in St. Louis, Missouri.  Her husband whose name I have forgotten, deceased several years ago.  As to Children, no data.  She is still living with her sister, Dora.

(5) Dora Combs, married, but no further data.

(6) Denny Combs, lived in Texas, but no further data.

(7) Ira Combs, served in the U. S. Army many years, and died from the flu in 1919.  He married Myrtle Combs, dau of Judge Robert Combs who lived a few miles below Hindman, Ky.  He had one son, whose name I have forgotten.  She was in charge of the Health Department for the County and Town the last information I have if not forgotten.  The son must be long ago married and have a family of his own.

(8) Josiah Henry Combs, a graduate of Transylvania University around the years of 1910 or near that, and taught languages and history in some of the Universities O Texas, and came back and taught for some years at William & Mary.  In his last years, he went back to Fort Worth, Texas to make that city his home, he and his faithful wife, Charlotte.  She still lives there and teaches French to private children of well to do families.  She is a wonderful woman, and made Joe a good wife.  She and Joe married 7-12-1920.  He died June 2, 1960.  He taught Foreign Languages.  After attending different Universities in Virginia and West Virginia and taught in West Virginia; he then went to the University of Paris and received his Master of Arts and Diceur.  He was a professor of French at West Virginia and also professor of French and German at the University of Oklahoma.  He also wrote lot of books but before he has any of his work published, he died.

2.  Anthony Burnam Combs, born a Hazard, Kentucky and moved to Knott County, at an early age and lived on the farm, then his fathers.  His father moved to Hindman.  Anthony attended high school and graduated at Hindman High School; then went to Transylvania College and graduated with an A.B. degree.  Then he got his law degree in Lexington at the University of Ky.  He then entered a partnership with this writer (J.D. Smith) I being State Commonwealth’s Attorney at the time.   After my term of Office was over, I left Prestonsburg.  Burman and his brother, Ballard Fulton formed a partnership, in part, and practiced the civil law together until Ballard Fulton died.  In the meantime, Burnam’s son, Kilmer, had graduated in Law.  Soon after, Anthony Burnam died so Kilmer and Paul Church II, their sons took over the practice.  However, Kilmer has now gone to Ashland, Ky and is engaged in the practice of law there.  Children:

1. C. Kilmer Combs, not in Ashland, married Mary Jane Leake of Ohio.

2.  Vivian Combs, married Louis R. Ponsetto and live in Lexington, Ky.  Children: Susan, Luis, and Anthony Ponsetto.

3.  Gardner Kent Combs, married a Hall and have Garner Kent Combs, Jr and Paul Anthony Combs.

MATILDA SMITH------- 2ND Marriage was to  Emery  Kincer and had the following children: 

1.  Matilda Kinser, married Thomas Watts on Irishman Creek of Carr, and they had one child, no data.  Thomas Watts by a first marriage had a daughter, name Sally Ann— she married Hezekiah Cody, son of Jahu and Matilda Smith above.

2.  John Wesley Kinser, married Callie Smith, daughter of Shade and Polly (Stamper) Smith.  For children, see family of Shade Smith, son of Jake Smith.

3.  Millie Kinser, married Hiram Maggard of Letcher County, children–no data.


NOTE: Matilda, above, had a son, name: Dr. Elihu Kelly of Hazard, who is not deceased, by her brother-in-law, George Wash Kelly, so, the story goes and has been approved and recognized for many years to the writers knowledge–Yes, recognized and approved by all kin and neighbors as well as Matilda herself.  George Wash Kelly was the husband of Sarah Smith, who is Matilda’s sister.  Dr. Kelly lived and practiced in Hazard; He married Millie Ison, b. 2-28-1871, dau of Jonah Ison.  Children:   Alice Kelly, died in infancy.  Bertha married Alva Betty, live in Hazard.

(4) Polly Cody (Daughter of Matilda Smith) married John Major B. Smith, son of “Squire” John B. Smith: Children:

1.  Delza B. Smith, 1st married Ella Creech, dau of John Creech and Darthula (Ingram) Creech: Children: (1) Ricky, (2) Ada, (3) Delza Jr, (4) Buford —all live in Jacksonville, Fla.  Delza 2nd marriage was to Susan Fields, Louisville, Ky.  He deceased several years ago.  Children: Dorothy, Sarah and Susan.

2.  Alta B. Smith, married and has two daughters and live in North Carolina.

3.  Ernest B. Smith, married and lived in Oklahoma City for many years.

4.  Shelby B. Smith, never married-lives in California.

5.  Carlos B. Smith, died in California several years ago.

6.  Clyde B. Smith, died recently near Hindman, in Knott Co. heart failure.  He married  Preacher Ellis Hopkins daughter of Beaver Creek, Knott Co.  No data on children.

7.  Curtis B. Smith, but no data-other than he was married and did live in Indiana.  Died.

8.  Ada B. Smith, married Howard Logan. They had a large family and lived near Whitesburg, Letcher Co. Ky

(5) Hezekiah Cody (Son of Matilda Smith), married Mary Breeding, dau of Old John Breeding of Letcher County; second marriage to a Maggard; Third marriage to Sally Ann Watts, dau of Thomas and Matilda (Kinser) Watts.  Somewhere along this time, he married “Coon” Everidge, dau of Sol Everidge and has a daughter named Elizabeth Cody who married John L Combs, son of Shade Combs and now live in Lexington, Ky.  Children:

(1) Hattie Cody, b. 5-30-1892 on Carr Creek married William Taulbee Bailey, son of John Bailey formerly of Leslie Co. who was a very famous lawyer.  Children:

1.  William Caston Bailey, no further data.

2.  Craig Bailey, single, lives in Texas.

3.  Sam S. Bailey, married Vera Smith.

4.  Ouida Bailey, married James E. LaFollett, lives here in Louisville, Ky.

5.  Omitted

6.  Hillard Bailey, no data

7.  Kenneth Bailey, Married Goldy Bolen.

8.  Woodrow Bailey, married Ima Jean Perkins, dau of Arthur Perkins and Madge Amburgey.

9.  Jeanette Bailey, married a son of Denver Amburgey.

10. William Bailey, single and lives in Texas.

11.  Leonard Bailey, single in Texas.

12. George Bailey, married a girl in Pike Co.  no further data

13. Martha Jane Bailey, 1st married Norman Cornett, son of Greta Smith, divorced and she
            married Ruby Hays Martin.
        14.  Phyllis Rose Bailey, M. Charles Combs.

15.  John Bailey

16.  Ollie James Bailey

17.  Ray Brian Bailey

18.  Jack Bailey, M. Vivian Jo Auxierlast, FIVE NOW DECEASED.

 Hezekiah Cody/Hattie Cody continued: [ John D’s missive on “Bad Tom” Smith]

Hattie’s husband William Taulbee Bailey was the son of John Bailey.  John moved to Hindman, from Hyden, Leslie County.  He was a very famous Lawyer.  He came to Hindman around 1890 and married Mallie Bailey, a niece of the noted Fulton French of Hazard, Ky. who together with others engaged in a feud with Joseph Eversole and others, including one “Bad Tom” (Thomas) Smith, and usually called the French and Eversole War.  During the feud which was around 1880-82, Tom has killed and helped kill some five or six men according to his confession before he was hanged for his crimes, especially for the murder of Dr. Raider, near Jackson.  He not only confessed to murdering Dr. Raider for which he was tried and hanged, in addition, he killed and help slay Joe Eversole.  He and Joe Adkins killed him from ambush, then Nick Combs.  The first man he killed was Joe Hurt, then Joe Knight, he and Bob Profitt killed him.  Tom said he did most of the shooting, and he said on his scaffold that he guessed that God had put him against him (Tom) and that he and Jack Combs killed Robert Cornett who was at work.  He said he was in more shooting “scrapes” and men killed, but he didn’t know whether he actually killed any of them.  Tom was asked on the scaffold if he knew who killed Judge Combs and he denied that he did.  He was told as saying that he was shot in the arm and in another shooting and he could assist others in the crime, but the “plot” was made and agreed upon in Fulton French’s home, and said that French, Joe Adkins, Jess Fields and Boone Fischere were the plotters and said later Joe Adkins told him he (Joe Adkins) killed Judge Combs.  Just before the hanging began, Tom, raised his hand to the audience out in the opening, and stated “I am going to make my departure from this wicked world and corruption, I know not where I am going but I trust I shall meet you in that beautiful land where torment is unknown.”  That he had confessed to his sins to the Lord and had been forgiven and that the spirit of his Maker was upon him.   He then asked his cousin, Thomas Kelly, a Primitive Baptist Preacher, Gabe Hudson and Rev. Dickey to sing, “Guide Me, Oh, Great Jehovah.”  The ministers began to sing and the multitude from the streets, housetops and tree tops joined in the pent-up emotions of the vast crowds was released in the course like the breaking of a might storm.  When the song was over, the Sheriff (Combs) led the condemned man to the Trap of the floor.  Tom kneeled and began to pray and for ten minutes he pleaded to his Master.  The crowd everywhere went to their knees, and as Tom Smith arose from his prayer 


, he again asked the ministers to sing—“Bear the Cross”.  When over, Tom said, “I am ready now but I would give the Word for two more days—I can’t get them, I know so I’ll go to meet the Lord.”  Those nearest the scaffold heard Sheriff Combs ask—“All ready?”  Then Tom, said “Yes” and then a sudden burst of the works—“Save Me, Oh God , Save Me” and Combs cut the rope that allowed Smith to Fall through the Trap.  This event took place June 28th, 1895.  Tom Smith was brought to Carr Creek in Knott County, at the home of James Stacy and buried in the family cemetery of said Stacy, a relative by marriage.  The writer (J.D. Smith) was 12 years old at that time and attended the funeral with his Mother, of Bad Tom Smith who I hope was lain to rest that day and I do hope that God heard his prayers and that his many sins were forgiven.  Tom was in a coffin with a glass top over his face and chest, the first one I had ever seen, since our people only had “Home made” coffins–without a glass, back in those days.  I shall never forget that day.  Tom was a first cousin to Hezekiah Cody and to my father, John Ashley Smith and many others of our families. [I believe the Jim Stacy Cemetery is the cemetery that now is in the middle of Vicco, Perry Co. Kentucky in the Baptist Church yard.  Have found some record that Jim Stacy owned a large farm at Mouth of Montgomery Creek.   JB Francis]

(2) Armenda Cody, married Roy Baker, son of Bill Baker, formerly of Hindman, an Attorney.  They moved form Hindman to Hazard—no children. 

(3) Hayhu Cody, married, no data 

(4) Thomas Cody, by first marriage, married a lady from Oklahoma, and now live in Hindman and his wife runs a furniture store.  Thomas is an invalid.  They have a son —no data. 

(5) Elizabeth Cody, full sister to Thomas, Married John L. Combs, son of Shade Combs once lived on Troublesome Creek, below Hindman.  John and Elizabeth now live in Lexington, Ky. 

(E). JOHN SMITH (SON OF WILLIAM, SON OF RICHARD) married Millie Combs, daughter of “Long” Jerry Combs.  Children: 

(1) “Blinky Bill” Smith, M. Betsy Jent, lived on Lotts Creek in Knott County and was a farmer.  Children: See John M. Smith who married Martha Smith and their family attache hereto, including the other brother and sisters of John M. Smith. SEE BELOW. 

(2) Sampson Smith, M. Nancy Combs, then Abba Combs, dau of Anderson Combs and had; 1. Basil Smith, M. Sally Smith Combs, dau of Linda Combs.  2.  John D. Smith, M. Newt Mullins daughter from Irishman.  3.  Martha Smith, M. Shade Stacy, son of Benjamine Stacy on Lotts Creek.

(3) Manford Smith, married Susan Jent, a sister to Betsy, above, and lived on Lotts Creek. [Children] 1.  John D. Smith [this John D must be a duplicate of (2)2 above] married Newt Mullins daughter–Fronia, I believe is her name.  2.  William  3. Phillip  4. Rachel  —no other data.

(4) Emery Smith, married Cynthy Combs.  Children: Edward; John; Rebecca; Eliza and Beriah.

(5) Jackson Smith, M. Susan Kilgore, dau of Allison Kilgore and Minerva Smith.  Children: Rachel—no other data. 

(6) Jeremiah Smith, married Polly Collins.  Children:

1.  Maggie Smith, M. Richard Smith, son of John Smith and Linda Combs.

2.  Cordelia Smith, M. A Hensley and moved to Laurel County.

3. Nancy Smith, M.  John Riley Kelly, son of William, a brother to Dr. Kelly at Hindman.

4.  Goodloe Smith, — no data. 

(7) Richard Smith, M. Polly Hurt, no data.

(8) Nancy Ann Smith, M. Rueben Jent, sister to Susan and Betsy above–no data.

(9) Melvine Smith, M. Wesley Collins, a Methodist Minister—no further data.

(10) Benjamine Smith, single, no further data.


(1) Alexander Smith, M. Nancy Stacy dau of Benjamine Stacy, Lotts Creek.  Children; 1.  McKinley — no data.  2.  Cassie----no data.

(2) William Jr.  M. Catherine Gayheart; Children: 1.  Allie Smith.  2. Evalee Smith.

(3) Noah Smith, M. Mariah Stacy, dau of Ben Stacy.  Children: 1.  Marchum.  2.  Morton 3.  Dicie.  4. Walter.  5. Arthur.  6. Audry.

(4) Lucinda Smith, M. William Dobson.  Children: 1.  Bettie.  2. Katie.  3. Martha.  4. Nancy.  5. Maude.  6. Astor.

(5) Cleve Smith, married Alice Stacy, dau of Ben Stacy. [Child] May, Alexander, Nancy.

(6) Alice Smith, M. Cap Gayheart.  Children: Bill, Taylor, Matilda, Eva, Maude, Martha

(7) Matilda Smith, M. Wheeler Feltner, children: Nancy, Martha, Jimmy, Rhoda, Wayne and Aster.

(8) John M. Smith, son of Blinky Bill above married Martha Smith, born 4-16-1878, the daughter of John A. Smith and Betty Jane (Higgins) Smith and a sister to the writer, John D. Smith.  John M. Died many years ago but my sister is still holding on, but very ill as she has been for many years.  If she lives until 16th of this month, she will be eighty six years of age.  John M. Was a school teacher and a farmer.  They had twelve children and most of them were grown before John M’s death.  Children of Martha Smith and John M. Smith:

1. Bettie Jane Smith, b. 11-12-1896, M. Ishmael Mullins, Carr Creek.  Children:  Agnes Mullins, Merlyn, Vivian, Noreen, Ishmael, Ken, Danny and Ira.

2.  Matilda Smith, b 2-4-1904, 1st married Estill Combs, then divorced him and 2nd marriage to James Dyer, a coal miner, Perry County, but she did have Paul Combs and Ruth Combs before ;her divorce from Estill.  By second marriage, she had Pearl Dyer, born 8-2-1928; Mabel Dyer, born 3-29-30; Betty Lou Dyer, born 12-30-32, m. Bill Johnson and they have three or four children; Martha Dyer, born 11-28-34; Mattie Fay Dyer, born 6-7-38.  James Dyer, the father, was killed in a mine accident.  Matilda, then married the third time to Elmer Blair of Magoffin Co.  Had Marietta Blair, Higgins and Elmer Blair. 

3.  Allie Smith, born 11-30-1906, M. James William, Perry Co and live at Dwarf, Kentucky.  Children Laura, Raymond, Alphia, Earl, Janice, and James William, Jr.

4.  Lula Smith, born 1-31-1909, M. J. M. Pennington, Leslie Co.  Children: Martha Pennington, and John M. Pennington, Jr.  2nd marriage to Lee Lewis of Leslie Co. Had Hillard, Lewis, Willis, Bettie, Ora and Helen.

5.  Gladys Smith, born 4–21-1911, M. Beckham Cox of Perry Co.  Children: Marvin, J.B. Joyce, Varol, Merl, Andre and Bobby Jean Cox.

6.  Edith Smith, born 9-16-1914, M. Pole Napier of Hazard.  Children: Pole, Jr, Martha, Rena, Mary, Lena, Wilmer, Dale, Lettie, Marie, Wallace, Elzie, Darrel and Eugene Napier.

7.  John D. Smith, born 3-27-1916, M. Virginia Robinson.  Children: Eula May, Bonnie Jean, Hillard, Martha Lou, Ruth, Doris and Hagan—all live on Carr and Lotts Creek, Cordia Post Office and Jeff, Ky.

8.  Higgins Smith, born 8-14-1918, M. Rose Browning and have adopted son, Tommie and live in Cincinnati, Ohio.

9.  James Estill Smith, born 3-31-1926, M. Aileen Bowlen, widow (Jim Ferrel) Children: Susie and Gail Ferrel adopted by Mr. James Estill after his marriage to the widow and have; Christine and Barbara Smith and others of his own by the widow. 

 (F).  THOMAS SMITH, (SON OF WILLIAM SMITH AND MILLIE COMBS) Married Lourana Francis Smith.  Children: 

(1) William (Will) Smith, son of Thomas Smith and Lourana (Polly) Francis, born 10-11-1861 and died 11-8-1943.  He married Matilda Amburgey, born 6-23-1868 and died 6-11-1949.  The said Matilda Amburgey was the daughter of William J. Amburgey (Tanner Bill) and Elizabeth (Stamper) Amburgey.  Will was a farmer, lived at Smithsboro, and had the following children:

1. Thomas Smith born 11-16-1884, a farmer, school teacher and railroad clerk, died 9-3-1951.  His first marriage was to Mary Cody, b. 4-3-1889, daughter of William Penn Cody and Elizabeth (Combs) Cody.  Children:

A.  Hawett Smith, born 5-29-1909, married Edna Marcum, dau of Henry and Sylvania Marcum.  Both Hawett and Edna teach in the public schools of Clay Co.

B.  Reynard Glay Smith, born 7-19-1915, at Sassafras, Ky.  married Mavis (Blotner) daughter of John Henry and Cora Belle Botner.  Their children:

(1) Howard Ray Smith, b. 1-1-38, in Cincinnati, Ohio

(2) Reynard Glay Smith, Jr, born 2–28-1942, in Covington, Ky.

(3) William Isaac Smith, born 7-14-1943.

(4) Catherine Lynn Smith, born 2-6-1955 at Cincinnati, Ohio.

C. [Forrest ] Gettys Smith, married Mary Ann [Cason], has two sons, live in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Second marriage of Thomas was to Cassie Bromley, born 1-22-1897, Clay County.  They lived in Clay County, near Manchester most of their married life.  They married in June 1921.  Had the following children:

A.  Verna Smith, born in 1922, Clay County, married Andy Minkfein, son of Andy Sr. And Mary Minkfein.  They married 7-13-45 and have three children.

B.  Bernard Smith born in 1924, married Evelene Rader, dau of Edward and Icie Rader.  They have one daughter and lin in Hamilton, Ohio.

C.  Juanita Smith, born 3-11-27 and married Arnell Hooker, born 10-6-27, son of Walter and Lydia Hooker.

D.  Geneva Smith, born 8-11-28, in Clay County, married Ford Ruth, born in 1930, son of Chester and Mary Ruth.

        2.  Bettie Smith, born 9-26-1886, married John D. Smith, born 4-29-1883; married 1 Sep, 1904.  For Children, see in list of Shade Smith and Paulina Combs, under heading of Jeremiah (Jake) Smith and Elizabeth Stacy styled–John D. Smith married Elizabeth (Bettie) Smith. 

3. Alafair (Allie) Smith, born 4-21-1891, married John Francis, son of George Francis, son of Samuel and Jane (Kelly) Francis and Melvina Francis, dau of William Smith and Martha Ashley Smith.  They married in 7-29-1912.  Child:

Leon Burl Francis, born 9-2-1913, married Gertrude Collins born 2-5-1921 in year 10-27-1937, she is daughter of [John Franklin Collins] and Margaret Slone.  Children:

(1)  Jennings B. Francis, b. 8-8-38, married Mable Back 12-16-57.  She was born 2-29-40 and dau of Troy and Laura [Dixon] Back.

Note: During the writing of this genealogy manuscript John D stayed with my grandmother Allie Smith at Smithsboro, Ky.  This visit by John D was to visit family members and gather information and renew old friendships.  We spent most of one day visiting with Sylvester and George Denny Jent at the Nursing Home in Upper Knott Co.  My job was to drive him and grandma, to where ever they wanted to go.  I drove his car to places I would not drive a jeep, but he insisted.  So, glad for the opportunity.

(2) Mavis Irene Francis, b.  6-18-40, married Wayne Hammond, 6-29-63, born 6-22-40, son of Claude and Rena Hammond.

(3)  Hawett O’Neal Francis, b. 8-10-42, married Almeda Day Oney, b. 2-2-45 in Ohio on 9-29-61, dau of Winford Cash and Tressie Oney.  One child: Kimberly Jo Francis, b. 12-24-62.

(4) Garrell Leon Francis, born 9-1-44, Knott Co.  Single.

(5)  James Darrell Francis, born 9-23-46, Knott Co.

(6) Eddie Arnold Francis, born 1-2-47, Perry Co

(7) Douglas Francis, born 2-11-49, Knott Co

(8) Roger Garry Francis, born 7-8-52.

(9) Robin Paulette Francis, born [3-2-57.]

 4.  Bertie Smith, born 8-8-1905, married Manuel Smith, born 1-11-1896, son of [Sydney] Barnes and Alice Cornett.  For Children, See list of Barnes Smith’s children—under Jeremiah (Jake) Smith married Elizabeth Stacy., and their families.


5.  Bessie Smith, born 2-20-1900, married Crit Back, born 4-14-1918, son of John and Tina (Cody) Back.  Children: 

(1) Virginia Back, b. 6-18–19, married Watson Combs, son of Sam Combs, of Sassafras.  Children: 1 daughter and one son.

(2) Charlotte Back, b.  2-28-24, married Floyd Combs, Jr. son of Floyd Combs of Sassafras.  No Children.

        6.  Rannie Smith, born 11-25-1897, married Jethro Amburgey, born 3-11-1895, son of Wiley J. Amburgey and Surrilda (Madden) Amburgey.  They married 7-4-21 in Knott County.  One son: Morris Amburgey, b 7-3-1926, Knott County, married Gertrude (Messer) Amburgey born 1-21-1928, dau of John Messer and Peggy (Messer).  Morris graduated from University of Kentucky, got his degree in Civil Engineering, is now employed with the City of Dayton, Ohio.  Children: Michael, born 9-20-51, and Kenneth Amburgey, born 8-3-53.

       7.  Hiram Smith, born 1-14-1903 married Jewell (Walker) Smith, born 12-4-1909.  They married 4-12-1936 in Odessa, Texas.  Jewell is a daughter of John W. And Elsie Brewer Walker.  One son; Jimmy Hiram Smith, b. 1-13-1939 and married Mary Agnes (Rhinehard) Smith, born 7-4-41.  They married 7-24-1959.  Jimmy Hiram is now teaching Engineering College at the University of Texas.  They have two children: Christopher Alan, b. 9-20-60; and Jennifer Marie Smith, born 3-6-62. 

8.  Watson Smith, born May 5, 1913, Smithsboro, Knott Co. Ky married Rhoda Owens Smith, daughter of George and Lucinda (Everidge) Owens.  Children:

(1) Billie Sue Smith, born 1-15-35, married Jay Mullins 7-16-55, b. 9-19-32, son of Frank and Arminta (Niece) Mullins.  Children: a.  Michael Mullins, b. 2-1-57 and b. Ronnie Mullins, born 8-15-60.

(2) Etta Jo Smith, born 1-4-43, is single.

(3) Danny Ray Smith, born 7-20-49, is single

(4) Debbie Lynn Smith, born 11-26-51.

         9.  Lenora Smith, born 5-31-1908, Knott County, Ky married Dennis Cornett, born 1-10-1909.  They married 3-9-29.  Dennis is a son of Dixon Cornett and Surrilda (Richie) Cornett, the son of Old Robert Cornett and Elizabeth (Brashear) Cornett.  No children. 

10.  John V. Smith, born 10-22-1894, Smithsboro, Knott County, Kentucky married Callie Blair, born 3-4-1890, daughter of Bud Blair and Bettie Blair.  Married 3-10-42.  Children:

(1) Beulah Smith, b. 5-9-22, Knott County, Smithsboro, married John Henry Melton born 11-20-19, Letcher County.  They married 1-10-40 Children:

1.  J. D. Melton, b. 11-25-41, Knott County

2.  Gale Melton, b. 9-29-43

3.  Genevive Melton, b. 11-15-47

4.  Imogene Melton, b. 6-24-50

5.  Guy C. Melton, b. 3-3-52.

(2) Bettie Smith, born 3-12-25 married John Henry Fields, b. 2-16-23, son of John Henry Sr. Fields.  Children: 

1.  Evan Venard Fields, b. 3-3-43, Knott County

2.  Fernanda Hope Fields, b. 9-17-44

3.  Juanita Fields, b. 7-10-47

4.  John Fields Jr., b. 12-2-49

5.  Frances Jewell Fields, b. 4-8-55 twin

6.  Marie Fields, b.  10-29-53

7.  Agnes Fields, b. 4-8-55 twin

8.  Phyllis Caroline Fields, b. 12-7-63 in Ohio

 (3) Mildred Smith, born 9-11-34, Knott County, married Daniel L Abner, b. 11-1-34.  They married 7-3-1955 in Ohio. Had Donna Day Abner, b. 1-10-58. 

(G).  SARAH SMITH, (DAUGHTER OF WILLIAM, SON OF RICHARD) Married George Washington Kelly, who was a Mill Man and a small time merchant and farmer.  They lived on Carr Creek, about one mile from what is now Smithtown, Post Office, Smithsboro, Ky.  Children:

(1) Thomas Kelly, married Polly Ann Combs.  He was a farmer and a Primitive Baptist Preacher, and lived on Lotts Creek in Knott County.  He raided a big family; he was married twice; For his first marriage, he had the following children:

1.  Lucinda Kelly, married Jeremiah Smith, son of Thomas Smith and Lourana Francis Smith: Children: (1) Thomas (2) George (3) Silas (4) Dewey (5) Taylor (6) Theodore (7) Sarah,  married Rochambau  Maggard at Hindman, Kentucky, and later moved to London, Laurel County.  No further data.  Rana died young girl.  All live at Smithsboro on Carr Creek, until about 1910, and Mr. Smith sold his farm and moved to Goose Creek in Clay County.  Only two of his children were ever married—most of them died rather young.  Teddy married and has one son who lives with him on Goose Creek and has a beautiful farm for that section of the state.  I had the pleasure of taking dinner with him some four years ago.  

2.  George Kelly, son of Thomas married Harriet Stacy, dau of Smoky Bill.  He first lived on Upper Carr Creek in Knott County for some years, but later moved to Spencer County.  He had some two or three children—names unknown.           

3.  Sarah Kelly, daughter of Thomas married Steve Fairchild and lived in Letcher County on Rockhouse.  No data as of children. 

4.  A. J. Kelly married and lived on Lotts Creek on his fathers’s farm—no other data.

5.  Dora Kelly, no further data 

6.  Polly Ann Kelly, no further data 

Thomas Kelly, 2nd Marriage was to Nancy [Francis] Young, widow of Drew Young, and a dau of Samuel Francis, Black Sam, to distinguish him from many other Sam Francis’.  Children: 

1.  Samuel Kelly married Cuba Kelly, au of John Riley Kelly on Lotts Ck.

2.  Ira Kelly

3. James, and maybe others.

(2) A. J. (General) Kelly, born 11-4-1847, married Dulcena (Combs) b. 4-16-1868.  He deceased 11-19-14 and she deceased 7-12-13.  He was a farmer on Carr Creek.  Children: 

1.  Thomas Kelly, b. 12-20-1882 and deceased 12-13-1888.

2.  G. W. Kelly b. 7-14-1872; deceased 10-15-1875.

3.  Lucinda Kelly b. 10-27-1893; deceased 12-6-1893.

4.  Ira Kelly - no data.

5.  Sarah Jane Kelly, b. 2-15-1887, married William Franklin, son of Kelly Franklin and they raised a family on Branham’s Creek.  Both have deceased.

6.  Margaret (Peggy) Kelly, married Watson Franklin, brother to William above.  They have two sons.

7.  Isabelle Kelly, married Cullen Combs, son of Quin Combs who lived on Carr most of his married life, but in late years, moved to Hindman to educate his children.

8.  Rhoda Kelly, b. 9-13-1886, married Dr. Manford F. Kelly of Hindman, Ky who graduated in Medicine about the year, 1904.  He is a brother to the well known skin specialist, Robert Kelly, who died recently here in Louisville.  Dr Manford has practiced his profession at Hindman and Knott County since 1904 and still sees a number of patients per day tho his health is not so good occasioned by hard work in giving his life to practicing–going over hills and roads in and out of Hindman.  Dr Mandord b. 9-11-1881, son of Sally Young, 11-26-1859 and William Kelly Jr.  Children: 1.  Doris Kelly, married Clarke Combs, son of Judge Wiley Combs, near Hindman, Ky.  Doris and Clarke live in New Albany, have three sons.  2.  Virginia Lorraine Kelly, b. 3-18-19 in Mississippi County, Missouri.  No children, as yet, sir. 

Note: Dulcena Combs, wife of A. J. Kelly is a sister to the Hon. Judge Combs of Perry County who lived on Montgomery Creek in Perry County and was a brother to Spencer Combs and John W. Combs, the father of Fulton French and Anthony Burnam and others mentioned in this genealogy.

(3) Leander Kelly, married Elizabeth Cornett, dau of Robert S. Cornett, Sr. and Adeline Brashear Cornett.  They lived on main Carr Creek about a mile below Smithsboro.  He was a farmer.  Children:

1.  Letitia Kelly, b. 1875 married Jasper C. Stacy, son of Smoky Bill Stacy.  She died in June 1962 in the T. J. Samson Community Hospital, Glasgow, Ky.  She was born and raised on Carr Creek, she is second cousin to the writer (J.D. Smith).  Children: 1. Mrs William Mayers, lives here in Louisville and have children.

2.  Adeline Kelly, married G. W. Richie, son of Joseph Richie, and moved to Oklahoma City where Richie died.  She then married Irvine Stacy, and he died.

3.  Melissa Kelly–no data.

4.  Robert Kelly, born 1881, married Gertrude Hylton, dau of C. C. Hylton, of Cody, Ky.  He was a school teacher.  He died and his widow moved to Lexington, Ky.  They had one son, Robert Quentin Kelly and several daughters.

5.  Sarah Kellly, married Tinker Dobson of Ball creek, Knott Co.

6.  Flora Kelly–no data

7.  Dona Kelly, married Jim Cornett, son of Green Cornett and Sally Smith (Jake) in this genealogy.

8.  George Kelly, Jr. Married Manota Kelly, dau of Samuel Francis and Dicy Hogge Francis. [Ref. Dau of Samuel Francis, this is most likely a typographical error, see next line] 

(4) William Kelly, son of Sarah Smith and George Wash Kelly, married Elcybeth (Francis) Kelly, dau of Samuel Francis and Dicy Hogge Francis.  Children:

1. Monroe Kelly, married Julia Francis, dau of Silas Francis, brother to Elcybeth.

2.  Dicy Kelly, married Benjamine V. Smith, called “fisher”, son of Emery B. Smith. 

(5) George Kelly, married Dicy Adams, a sister to Bob Amburgey’s wife, Cinda and Hiram Adams’ wife, Millie Smith (Jake) Smith.   Children:

1.  Cicero Kelly, married Nancy Smith, dau of Benjamine Smith, son of Jeremiah (Jake) Smith.

2.  George, Jr.  3.  William 4.  Carl 5.  Fernando 6.  Thomas Kelly----no data. 

(6) Jane Kelly, married Samuel Francis, son of Samuel Francis, [Sr] and Dicy (Hogge) Francis, and the son of Thomas Francis and Bettie Jean [Should read Jane Hammons] Francis, Old Thomas was a full blooded Frenchman and for his 2nd marriage, he married the widow of John P. Higgins, Lourana (Polly-Higgins) my great grandmother (J.D. Smith) and had four daughters, half sisters to my grandfather, John Vent Higgins, father of my Mother, Bettie Jean Higgins, Smith, married to my father, John Ashley Smith, the son of William Smith (Med) in this genealogy.  Children:

1.  Cullen Francis, 1st married CeAnn (Nancy) Smith, dau of Shade Smith and has one son: Lawrence Francis; 2nd marriage to Lucinda Breeding–they has several children.

2.  Dulcena married a Pratt   3.  Sarah married Jessie Martin.  4.  John Francis married a Blair.  5.  Minta Francis married John Blair, son of Elihu Blair—had two daughters.  6.  Marinda Francis married Shepherd Smith 7.  Dicie Francis married Granville Smith in this genealogy.  8.  Martha Francis married Link Feltner of Mason’s Creek Perry Co.  (See Melvine Smith married, George Francis son of Samuel and Jane Kelly, under the heading: William Smith M. Martha Ashley.

 (H) JEREMIAH (JAKE) SMITH (SON OF WILLIAM AND MILLIE (COMBS) SMITH) Jeremiah (Jake) Smith married Elizabeth Stacy, daughter of James Stacy and Nancy Combs: Had the following children: 

 1.  Benjamin Smith, born in 1866, the son of Jeremiah Smith and Elizabeth Stacy Smith.  Was born and raised on the old farm, part of which was on the Flax Patch of Carr Creek.  He married Margaret Cornett, daughter of Joe Cornett and raised their family on the Flax Patch, and had the following children.

(1) Elizabeth Smith–married Pat Deaton: Had ons son, Tommy Smith.

(2) Carl Smith—no data

(3) Sarah Smith–no further data

(4) Nancy Smith, married Cicero Kelly, son of George Kelly and Dicie (Adams) Kelly.

 2. [Sidney] Barnes Smith, born 10-14-1870 married Alice Cornett, daughter of Joseph Cornett [this would be an error, Alice is dau of Roger V. and Nancy Maggard Cornett: Joseph and Roger were brothers], and born 5-27-1871.  He deceased 7-17-1945 and she deceased 10-14-1907.  They raised their children on the Flax Patch of Carr Creek, a part of the old Smith Farm.


Children of Barnes and Alice:

(1) Chester, (2) William, (3) Henderson, (4) Anna, (5) Virgie, and (6) Manuel.

Manuel Smith was born 1-11-1896, married Bertie Smith 1-3-35.  He was raised on Flaxpatch and was a farmer and carpenter by trade.  He deceased in 1961.  Children:

1.  Verbena Smith, married George Owens, Jr.  son of George Sr. and Lucinda.  She was born 10-24-25 and they live in Smithsboro.

2.  Genia Smith, 11-19-35 and married Jackson Ashley.

3.  W. B. [William Barnes] Smith, born 1-3-40; married Melinda Hatton b. 6-28-39.

4.  Paul Dean Smith, single, born in 1942

See William Smith, son of Thomas and Lourana (Francis) Smith, and Berta Smith number (3) thereunder. 

3.  Millie Smith, married Hiram Adams brother to Hiram Adams, [brother to Dicy] Adams who married George Kelly mentioned above.  Children: Ben, Dixon, Guerney, Dora, Bud, Ollie, Betty, ----no further data.

 4.  John Smith, born 1-8-71; Married Bettie Breeding, born 12-27-1874, daughter of James Breeding and Via (Cody) Breeding, and she deceased 12-22-32 and he deceased 4-25-29.  They lived on the Waters of Carr Creek and raised the following children:

1.  Carlie Smith, born 12-7-1899—married Ida Evans, lived in Ohio.  He is deceased.

2.  Shelly Smith, born 3-19-1901, married Arda Smith, living at Smithsboro, Ky. 

3.  Lydia Smith, born 3-25-03; died 2-24-48; married Willard Back, have 1 daughter, Juanita [married Delbert Blair].

4.  Grata Smith, born 4-29-05, Living and single.

5.  Lura Smith, born 6-9-07, married Andrew Zlatykanic, divorced, lives in Ohio.

6.  Arnold Smith, deceased—no data.

7.  Willie [Bill] Smith, born 2-14-13, no data.

8.  Lenville Smith, born 2-11-16, single; was captured by Germany in W.W. II but now home, living with his sister, Grata Smith.

9.  Mack Smith, married Gypsy Viteo, has one son, Michael–no further data.

10.  Faye Smith, married Arnold Jent, has one daughter.  No further data.

Note.  Shelly Smith above married Uarda Smith, daughter of John D. Smith and Bettie Smith, daughter of Will and Matilda (Amburgey) Smith mentioned in this Genealogy.

 5.  Shade Smith, was born and reared in Knott County, married Paulina Combs, daughter of Jerry Combs and Sally (Kelly) Combs, a sister to Old George Wash Kelly who married Sarah Smith mentioned in the genealogy.  I have known Shade since a little boy and always fond of him.  He died around 1938 or 1939.  He married Paulina and after her death, married Martha Amburgey, dau of John Amburgey and Nancy Jane Smith.  By Paulina, Shade had the following children: 

1.  John D. Smith, born 4-29-1883, married Elizabeth (Bettie) Smith, born 9-26-1886.  They married Sep 1, 1904 (just recently celebrated their 60th Anniversary) and I would loved to have been there.  I was fortunate enough to attend their 50th Anniversary.  They live at the old Home Place and what a beautiful place it is----have spent many a night there and had many a good time.  John D. had his basic education in Knott co and later attended school at Campton, Wolfe Co.  He taught school in his early days; later went to work with Carrs Fork Coal Co. ---- worked there 30 years and retired at age of 65.  Bettie is a wonderful woman.  They have four daughters living.


(1) Uarda Jean Smith, born Dec 30, 1908, married Shelly Smith, son of John Smith and Bettie Breeding Smith.  They married August, 1930.  First live in Odessa, Texas and soon returned to Smithsboro and built a log cabin on Uarda’s Dads Farm.  Arda received her basic education in Knott County, went to school at Caney College awhile—quit and married Shell.

(2) Forrester Smith (their only son) and a daughter, Oral, died at an early age.

(3) Elva Iris Smith, born 2-28-1918, married Morris (Dock) Hylton, son of Jesse Hylton and Matilda (Young) Hylton.  Elva graduated from Carr Creek High School and soon after, married Dock.  Elva deceased Jan 16, 1940 at the age of 21.  They had no children.

(4) Eula Fern Smith, born Sept 5, 1921, married Louis P Warren who was born June 11, 1922.  They married July 27, 1946 at the old Home Place of Fern’s Dad.  Fern had her basic education at Smithsboro and Carr Creek High School—attended Business College in Louisville and lived with the writer.  Louis is the son of Mr and Mrs O. S. Warren, Hazard, Ky, originally from Springfield, Tenn.  He graduated from the University of Kentucky with a degree in Civil Engineering.  He is presently employed with IBM in Lexington, Ky.  Fern is a bookkeeper and housewife.

(5) Uvena Joyce Smith, born 6-2-24, married Rudolph Jones, born 7-12-24.  They married 2-2-46.  Joyce had her basic education at Smithsboro and Carr Creek High School; soon afterwards, she married Rudolph , and built a home near Joyce’s Dad at Smithsboro.  Rudolph attended school at Caney College and was a merchant as well as being trained in other fields.  They were married 15 years and then a Daughter, Karen, was born on 5-19-60, and what a BEAUTY she is----the only grandchild of John D. And Bettie.  Rudolph deceased 8-28-63 with cancer.  Joyce still lives near her Mother and Dad.

(6) Ruth Nellene Smith, born 2-20-29, Ruth had her basic education at Smithsboro and Carr Creek High School.  She graduated from the University of Kentucky and got her degree in Elementary Education.  She is and has been teaching for many years in the Public Schools of Knott County, her native County. 

2.  Jeremiah R.(Jerry) Smith, married Luna Madden, b. 20-13-1893.  They married 1-20-15.  They lived at Smithsboro on Carr Creek on the Old William Smith Farm.  Luna is the daughter of John Madden and Isabelle (Stamper) Madden.  Jerry deceased in 1962.  Children: (1) Dorothea Smith, b. 2-19-17 married Orville Collins– have 3 children.  (2) Merle Smith, b. 11-23-21, married Eddis Lee Combs—have one daughter.  (3) Thomas W. Smith, b. 1-28-29, married and has one child.  (4) Glennabell [Teda] Smith, b. 9-17-30, is single and is a school teacher in Knott County.

3.  Lonnie Smith, married Harlan Cornett and has one daughter, Geneva.  Geneva first married a Stallard, had one son, Greg.  Few years ago, married Sam Smith, and they have two children.  Lonnie lived in Sassafras most of her married life until she moved to Smithsboro and now lives on the Old Home Farm.   

4.  Ida Smith, married John J. Amburgey, a merchant at Smithsboro.  John is son of Albert Amburgey and Cassie (Mullins) Amburgey.  They have one daughter, Hope, b.  5-14-21.  Hope married Guy Collins, son of Smith Collins and Elizabeth (Madden) Collins.  Guy is also a merchant.  They have one son, Paul Randall Collins.... 

5.  CeAnn Smith,  married Cullen Francis, son of Samuel Francis and Jane (Kelly) Francis.  Divorced without children. [CeAnn and Cullen had one child, Lawrence Talmadge Francis, born 22 Aug 1902 and died 19 Apr 1954] She is now deceased.

6.  Elijah Smith, died while a young boy. 

Shade Smith 2nd marriage to Martha Amburgey, dau of John Amburgey and Nancy Jane Smith.  Their Children:

1. Norma Smith, born 10-28-1914, married Basil Evans and have four children.  Their names are: Peggy Lynn, Wila, Fames, and Mary Lou.

2.  Mary Iva Smith, b. 12-27-16, deceased 11-16-47, married Marvin Collins.  Children: Phyllis, Bobby, Buddy, Hope, Irene, and Ray.

3.  Aaron Smith, b. 6-22-23, deceased 9-9-46.  Was married–no data.

4.  Gale Smith, b. 4-4-17, deceased 3-12–18. 

6.  Bettie Smith (Daughter of Jeremiah (Jake) Smith), born 12-27-1874 married Jessie Amburgey, son of Hiram Amburgey, who was son of William J. Amburgey (Tanner) and Elizabeth Stamper.  Children: Glayton, Arnold, Albert, Uarda, Burn, Cran.

7.  Sarah (Sally) Smith, married Green Cornett, son of Joseph Cornett.  Children:

1.  James Cornett, married Dona Kelly.

2.  Malisa Cornett married Carl Madden, son of Jackson and Elizabeth (Everidge) Madden.  Children: Has one son and one daughter.  They now live in Danville, Ky.

3.  Johnny Cornett, married Velva Tignor, dau of Joe Tignor and Ella (Logan) Tignor.  Children: Troy Phillip Cornett, a graduate from Lloyds College at Pippapass and a graduate of Morehead College and now a teacher at that institution; Margaretta Cornett, single, graduate of Caney College and Morehead College and now teaches at Hindman, Ky.

4.  Sidney Cornett; 5. Joseph Cornett; 6. Isom Cornett; 7. William Cornett.


8.  Nancy Smith, 1st married William Johnson, son of Wash Johnson.  He was a school teacher in the public schools of Knott County.  His grandfather, was Thomas Johnson, one of the first settlers in Carr Creek.  He married Adelphia Carter.  Children: Leslie Johnson and have children.

Nancy Smith, 2nd marriage was to Bill Evans, had no children:  3rd marriage was to John Ashley, formerly of Powell County.  Children: 1.  John Ashley, born 11-11-1895; 2. Floyd Ashley; 3. Barbara S Ashley; 4. Berry Ashley. 

9.  William Smith (son of Jake) was never married, but Peggy Combs, sister to Enoch Combs has a son and William reported to be the father.  Son: Farmer Smith, born 5-20-1879.  Was never married.  He served many years in the United States Army, joined in 1898 or thereabouts.  After retiring from the Army, he made his home with John D. and Betty Smith, at he old home place of his reported father.  Farmer’s father, William was killed by a Madden when William was a very young man, and the killing took place not very far from the Old Baptist Church on Carr Creek that was established in 1806.  Farmer loved his people and helped many of the unfortunate ones.  John D., Betty, and Children always treated Farmer as one of their family and made his home a happy one.  He developed an asthmatic condition while in service; in his later years of his life, he spent the winters in Ft. Myers, Florida and summers at John D’s.  He died in Ft. Myers on March 8, 1944.