Allen-George Allen--Married Cynthia Patton. Came to Beaver Creek, Floyd County Ky., from North Carolina between 1800 and 1810. Sons and daughters were David, William Samuel, Felix, George, Sally, Cynthia, Archibald, John, Mary Jane, Florence, Elizabeth.
Auxier-Samuel Auxier--Married Sarah (Sallie) Brown.  Came from Southwest Virginia to Blockhouse Bottom, near present East Point, Ky., in the 1790's.  Sons and daughters were: Nathaniel John, Daniel, Elijah, Samuel, Nancy, Enoch, Mary, Fanny Amelia.
Borders-John Borders--Married Elizabeth Sellards.  Native of England.  Came to present Lawrence County Kentucky in 1802.  Sons and daughters were: Michael, John, Hezekiah, Polly, Elizabeth, Jemima, Katie, Archibald.
Brown-Thomas C. Brown--Moved with brother, Nathaniel, from Virginia to Fleming County in 1789.  Removed to Big Sandy Valley opposite mouth of big Paint Cree, near present Paintsville, Ky.  Married Mary Brown in 1831.  Issue were Sarah, Daniel, Thomas Asbury.
Conley-Thomas Conley--Married Susan Joynes. Came from Wilkes County, N>C. Settled first, about 1809, present Letcher County, Ky., later in Present Johnson County, Ky.  Sons and daughters: Frances, William, Constantine, Sr., Celia, John, Henry, Thomas, Nancy, Susan.
Cox-John Cox--Married Judith Sexton. Migrated from Grayson County, VA., to Blackwater Creek in early Floyd County now Wolfe County, 1800.  Sons and daughters were James, William, Cynthia, Darinda, Dr. Benjamin Franklin, Elizabeth, Ann.
Daniel-Isom Daniel, Sr.-- Married Polly borders. Moved from Southwest Virginia to present Whitehouse, Ky. in first decade of last century.  Killed at work on farm.  Issue were John, James, Katherine, Isom, Hettie, David, Sarah, Peter, Wyatt.
Graham-John Graham--Married Rebecca Witten.  Moved from Tazewell County, Virginia, to present Emma, Floyd County, Ky., in 1805. sons and daughters were:  Thomas Witten, Eleanor, Rebecca, Elizabeth, Dorothy, Sophia, Tabitha
Hager-John Hager, Sr.--Married Mary Schrader. Came to mouth of Beaver Creek, present Allen, Ky., in 1806.  Native of Hesse Cassel, Germany.  Sons and daughters were:  John, George, Katherine, William Elizabeth, Katie, Henry, James, Daniel.
Hall-Mesias Hall--Native of North Carolina. Moved to Scott County VA., thence with Jesse Hamilton to Branham's Creek, Floyd County Ky early in Nineteenth Century. Some of children were Ansy, Frances, Elijah, Jarvey, Owen, Phena, Mesias, Jr.
Hanks-Peter Hanks--Revolutionary War Veteran. Moved from North Carolina to Slate Cree, Wolfe County, Ky., with family beginning of last century. Children were Peter, Jr., killed at Battle of Tippecanoe; Rev. William Hanks, Absalom, Samuel, John.
Harman-Daniel Harman--Married Rosannah Spurlock.  Removed from Clinch Valley in Southwest Virginia to Shelby Creek, Pike County Kentucky then Floyd County in 1805.  Killed last Indian in valley. Sons identified are Adam Born 1799, William, Aquilla, Sr., Dow and Mathias
Hatcher-John Hatcher--Married Nancy Hackworth. Removed with his father, Farley Hatcher from Bedford County Virginia to Lawrence County, Ohio, in 1802.  Moved to Mouth of Mud, at present Harold, Floyd County, Ky., 1803.  Sons and daughters were: James Garrett, Elizabeth, Mary (Polly) Susannah, John Greer, George Farley, Anthony, Peggy Margaret.
Hollon-John Hollon--Born in Virginia, 1777. Married Charity Brewer, born 1777, North Carolina.  Moved to Holly Creek, present Wolfe County, prior to 1804.  Issue were Rebecca, William, Fanny, Ambrose, Lucinda, Phoebe, Jackson, Hiram, John Jr., John Hollon died 1854, wife died 1874
Howes-Electious Howes--Married Sallie Hudson.  Migrated from Maryland in 1809 to present Johnson County, Ky.  William and another brother settled Clay County, Ky.  Sons and daughters: Claiborne, Wiley, Matthew, Sarah, John
James-Samuel James--Married first Sarah Charles. Removed North Carolina to Johns Creek, Pike County, then Floyd in 1809. Sons and daughter were John, Isaac, Abner, Celia. Married second Pernina Dean. Daughters were Miranda, Malinda, Mahalia, Pernina Ann, Sally, Rachel, Ramsey
Layne-James Shannon Layne--Married Caty Hager. Removed from Amherst County Virginia to present Betsy Layne, Floyd County, Kentucky in late 1890's.  Sons and daughters were Tandy Middleton, Jennie, John Lewis, William Henry, Lindsey, Sam George, Nancy Porter, Solomon, Mary, Arminta
Leslie-Robert Lesley--native of August County, VA and wife, Elizabeth Compton Lesley, settled on Johns Creek, present Pike county, Ky., near the post off ice of Gunare.  Sons and daughters were:  Hannah, Elizabeth, Adah, Allen, Rachel, Jemima, Cynthia, Esther, Milton, Harvey, Pharmer, Amos, Naomi, Martin, Luna.  Date of settlement by Robert Lesley was 1802
Martin-William Martin--Married Susannah Tudor. Removed from Southwest Virginia to Right Beaver Creek, near present Wayland, Floyd County Kentucky between 1806-1808.  Sons and daughters were David, Milly, Susannah, Joel, Anna, Rhoda, Sally, William, John.
May-John May--Married Sarah Phillips. Removed from Carter County, Tennessee, to Shelby Creek, Pike County then to Floyd in 1800. Sons and daughters were John, Jr., Samuel, Thomas, Daniel, Elizabeth, Mary, Reuben, Phillip Pollard
Mead-Robert Mead--Bedford County, Virginia, settled on Big Mud Creek, near present Harold, Kentucky in 1801.  Wife, Hannah Rhodes Mead, sons and daughters were: Benjamin, Robert, Rhodes, Moses, William, Samuel, Eli, Kitta, Edy,  Matilda
Perkins-Thomas Perkins--Moved from Southwest Virginia to present Whitley County, Ky., first decade Nineteenth Century.  Married twice. Issue of first marriage were Wiley, Sterling, peter, Nancy, Margaret, and Elizabeth.  Ancestor of Congressman Caleb Powers.
Preece--Two early Floyd County settlers were Ruel and Richard Preece. Richard died 1813. Mary (Polly) Preece married Tandy Stratton. Alexander Boone Preece married Levicy Stratton, daughter of pioneer Richard Stratton, moved to present Martin County.  Relationship uncertain.
Runyon-John Runyon--Married Betsy Raemer. Removed from Southwest Virginia to Pond Creek, Pike County Kentucky then Floyd before 1820 when the area was wilderness. Sons and daughters were Nancy, Anne, Charity, Adron, Susannah, Henry.
Sellards-John Sellards--Married Anna Alford? Moved from Montgomery County, VA ., to Buffalo Creek, at present Endicott Post Office in 1794.  sons and daughters: John W., Cornelius, Andrew Jackson, Thomas A., Elizabeth, Arelenda (Ella) Levina, Phoebe, Jarratt (Rene), possibly another son and another daughter
Smith -Richard Smith--Came from Eastern Virginia to Lotts Cree, Perry County, now Knott before 1800.  Married Alicia Combs in 1794.  Issue were William, Thomas, Samuel, Nicholas, James, Lorenzo Dow, Joshua, Isaac, Patsy, Polly, Elizabeth, Cynthia, Nancy, Kizzie
Stamper-William Stamper--Born 1774 in N. C. Married Emily Polly. Moved 1800 to Rock House Creek, Perry County, Ky. Magistrate and Sheriff of Perry County.  Moved to Morgan County, Ky., died 1852. Issue were Hiram H., James B., Sarah, Martha, Rachel, John White, William Buckner, Elizabeth, Polly, Nancy, Isaac D.
Stratton-Solomon Stratton--Married Jane ?  Removed from Southwest Virginia to present Stanville, Floyd County, Ky., in 1796. sons and daughters were: Harry, John, Tandy, Esther, Hiram, Richard, Cornelius, Elizabeth.  One daughter married Laird, a son of this marriage was John.  A daughter married a McBrayer and a son was James.
Tackett-William Tackett--Married Ama Johnson, Nolichucky River, Tennessee; Migrated to Cumberland River, Kentucky, present Harlan County. Moved in 1817 to Long Fork, Shelby Creek, Pike County Kentucky.  Issue were Patty, Rebecca, George, William, Sarah
Ward-James David Ward--Married first Elenor?? Sons and daughter were David, Jr., John, Alexander, William, Peggy.  Married second Elizabeth Williamson.  Sons and daughters were Emanuel, Nathan, Washington, James, Solomon, Peggy, Sophia, Betty, Alifair, Morgana, Sally, Wells. Removed to Boonesborough 1779. Came to Inez, martin County Ky then Floyd, 1810.