Surname Given Name

Military Division and Enlistment

Adams Benjamin 7th Infantry Regiment, Virginia , Continental Line. s/o Agnes and Benjamin Adams,
md. Frances Atkinson.
Adams Charles Lenoir's CO. of NC Continental Line  
Enlisted May 1776
md. Ann Unknown
Adams Henry Wilkes  
Adams Jacob Pvt 1st Regiment of Maryland's continental Line and Va.Line. (Wilkes)  
Adams William Wilkes  
Adams Zachariah 10th Inf. Nc Line  
Allen Richard Capt. (Wilkes)  
Amburgey John , Jr. Patriot, NC. md Elizabeth Hamons  
Anthony Joseph , Sr. Patriot, Va, md Elizabeth Clarke.
Ashley Thomas Pvt. Va. Line  
Bailey John Ensign, Va. md Sarah Tatum
Baker John , Sr. Capt. 77th Nc Regiment. md Nancy Ann Norfleet
Baker Morris Pvt. NC Line, enlisted April 18, 1776 in
Capt. Benjamin Coleman's Co.,
2nd NC Battalion of Col. John Patton.
md Jane Smith, d/o
Jane & Hugh Smith of NC.
Bentley Thomas Patriot, NC.  
Blackburn William Sgt. (Wilkes)  
Blevins John Pvt. Va. Line m Catherine Cox.
Boling Jesse Sgt. NC Line (Wilkes) B. 22 May, 1758, d. pre 1832,
md Polly Greene
Boling Thomas Wilkes  
Breeding Spencer   md 1.  Elizabeth Finney
md. 2.  Hannah Hicks
Brown Benjamin Cpl. (Wilkes)  
Brown John Capt. (Wilkes)  
Brown Robert Pvt. (Wilkes)  
Burns Andrew Pvt. Va. State Troops  
Bush Drury Pvt. Calvary Va. State Line  
Campbell John Pvt. (Wilkes).  
Caudill James Pvt. NC Line b 1753-d. 30 May 1840.
Caudill Stephen Pvt. NC. Line b. 1763-d 26 July 1839,
m. Sarah Adams
Chapman John Pvt. Wgn, NC b. 5 May 1755, d. 9 Jan, 1844,
md Martha Calhoun
Chapman Joseph Capt. NC Line b. 25 Dec. 1745, d. 18 Jan. 1836, md. Jemima Coswell
Childers John Pvt. (Wilkes)  
Childers Pleasant Pvt. NC Line b. 1761/3 d. 25 Apr. 1839,
md Sarah Jeffries
Combs George Pvt. (Wilkes)  
Combs John , Jr. Pvt. Va. Valley Forge Line  
Combs William (Wilkes)  
Conley Henry Capt. in Rev. War  
Cook George Pvt. (Wilkes)  
Cook Henry Pvt. (Wilkes)  
Cook Isaac Pvt. (Wilkes)  
Cornett William Pvt. VA. Line. Md. (1) Rhoda Gilliam:
(2) Mary Everage
Cox David Lt. in VA. Line. Md. Margaret Bruce
(2) Susannah Unknown
Cox William Pvt. (Wilkes)  
Craft William Pvt. (Wilkes)  
Craft Arhealous Pvt. NC Line: Born 25 Dec. 1754-died after Sept. 4-1852.Md Scena  Unknown
Crank John H. Jr Soldier/Washington Co. Va.
 French & Indian War
Md.(1) Anna Unknown
Davis William Pvt. (Wilkes)  
Dixon Thomas Lived in Maryland. Served under Geo. Washington Died of smallpox while in service.
Dorton Mose  Battle of Kings Mountain in 1780  
Dyer Monah           Pvt. (Wilkes)  
Ellis Charles Pvt. Mass. Line  
Evans         George        Md. Martha Unknown
Everage Abner Pvt. NC Line.  
Fields John    
Fletcher James Pvt. (Wilkes)  
Fletcher Thomas    Pvt. (Wilkes)  
Franklin Jesse    Pvt. (Wilkes)  
Green Jesse Pvt. (Wilkes)  
Hagans William    Pvt. Nc Line b. 25 June 1766-d.8 Sept.1833.Md. Polly Linville
Hall Anthony Pvt. Va. Line md. Ruth Butler
Hall David Pvt. (Wilkes)  
Hall Samuel ,Sr Pvt. (Wilkes)  
Hall Thomas Pvt. (Wilkes)  
Hammons Benjamin Pvt. (Wilkes)  
Hammons John Pvt. (Wilkes)  
Hammons Peter Pvt. NC Line  
Hampton Joel    Pvt. (Wilkes)  
Hampton William Pvt. (Wilkes)  
Harding Henry    Pvt. Va. Line  
Harding Wilmot Patriot Va.  
Harmon Henry Sr. Patriot Service, Civil Service NC B 1726-d. 18 Feb 1804
md. Nancy Wilburn
Harris William Pvt. (Wilkes)  
Higgins Robert Pvt. (Wilkes)
Hixon Joseph   Md. Susannah Stringfield
Holbrook Colby Pvt. (Wilkes)  
Holbrook John Pvt. (Wilkes)  
Holbrok William (Wilkes) b. 10 Aug. 1755 Nc
d. 9 May 1830 bd.Blaine ky.
Holdaway Henry Pvt. (Wilkes)  
Howard James Pvt.Va. Line  
Howard Samuel Pvt. Capt. Md. Chloe Osborne
Howard Thomas Pvt. Va. Line  
Howell Andrew Pvt. Va. Line  
Hughes Francis Pvt. NC. Pensioned  
Hurst Henry Va. Militia  
Hyden Daniel Capt. Va Regiment  
Isaacs Elijah Col. (Wilkes)  
Johnson Alexander Pvt. (Wilkes)  
Johnson George Sr Pvt. (Wilkes)  
Johnson John Pvt. (Wilkes)  
Johnson Samuel Capt. (Wilkes)  
Johnson Thomas Pvt. (Wilkes)  
Johnson William Ens. (Wilkes)  
Johnson William  Pvt. (Wilkes)  
Joines Major Pvt. (Wilkes)  Killed in Sc
Jones Thomas Pvt. (Wilkes)  
Joseph William Clemmy  at Yorktown  
Justice Simeon Drummer NC Line  
Kelley John Pvt. NC Line  
Koontz Dewalt Sgt. PA Line  
Lane John Pvt. (Wilkes)  
Lewis James M. Lt.  (Wilkes)  
Lewis James T.    
Lewis Joel Capt. (Wilkes)  
Lewis Micajah Capt  (Wilkes)  
Martin Zach Pvt  (Wilkes)  
Mauney Valentine Pvt. NC Line  
McDaniel George Pvt. NC Line  
Miller Henry Pvt.  (Wilkes)  
Miller Isaac Pvt  (Wilkes)  
Miller Leonard Pvt  (Wilkes)  
Miller William Pvt. (Wilkes)  
Moore John   md. Sally Goodman
Morgan Benjamin Pvt.  (Wilkes)  
Mullins John "Holly Creek Rev. John Mullins" md. Jennie Bailey
Mullins John Pvt. VA Line md. Nancy Gentry
Mullins Joshua Pvt. VA Line  
Osborne Ephraim   Petition for Pension 1833-Granted
Owens Barnard Pvt.  (Wilkes)  
Owens David Pvt.  (Wilkes)  
Parks George Pvt.  (Wilkes)  
Parks John Pvt.  (Wilkes)  
Patrick James Pvt.  VA Militia  
Pigman Leonard Patriotic Service  
Polly Edward Pvt. VA Line md Mary Agnes Mullins
Proffitt Pleasant Pvt.  (Wilkes)  
Proffitt William Pvt.  (Wilkes)  
Reynolds Charles Pvt.  (Wilkes)  
Reynolds Elisha Pvt.  (Wilkes)  
Reynolds James Pvt.  (Wilkes)  
Shepherd James Pvt.  (Wilkes)  
Smith John Pvt.  (Wilkes)  
Smith Miner Capt.  (Wilkes)  
Smith Robert Pvt.  (Wilkes)  
Smith William Pvt.  (Wilkes)  
Sparks John Pvt.  (Wilkes)  
Stamper Jacob Pvt.  (Wilkes) Md. Susan  died 1834 Owens Co Ky
Stamper Joel Pvt.  NC Line b. 17 May 1775 d. before 30 Apr 1833
md. Nancy Canada
Stamper Joshua Pvt. VA Line b. 1760 died before 1850
md. Mary Bleveins
Stewart Alexander Pvt. VA. Line md 1. Mary Anderson
mc 2 Catherine Sheets
Stidham Samuel NC Militia  
Sturgill James Pvt.  VA Line  
Taylor Richard Pvt.  (Wilkes)  
Toliver Jesse Pvt.  (Wilkes)  
Toliver Moses Pvt.  (Wilkes)  
Turner Roger NC Militia  
Watkins Thomas NC Line md  1. Elizabeth Watkins
md. 2. Lucinda Howard
Webb James    
Wells George    
Wells James